Spanish man arrested for online support for terrorism

MADRID: A man was arrested in Spanish enclave of Ceuta in the early hours of Tuesday morning for supporting terrorism and jihad on the Internet, the Spanish Interior Ministry has confirmed.
The man, a Spanish citizen, who has been named as Hamido Hamido Mohamed born in 1974, was detained at 4am local time for: “intense and continued activity on the internet in favor of the global jihad.”
The Interior Ministry confirm that during the search of his flat, police discovered a handgun, half a kilo of a substance believed to be hashish, two computers, hardware and documents. The ministry also explained that the arrest had taken place after an investigation which had lasted for several “months”.
However, the Ministry said Tuesday’s arrest was not related to an operation in Ceuta a year ago which saw 8 people arrested for recruiting Jihadist fighters for the conflict in Syria or the arrests made in Melilla at the end of May which saw six people arrested and accused of recruiting for Movement for the Unity and Jihad in West Africa’ (MUJWA). 

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