US lawmaker calls Hillary Clinton a ‘war hawk’

Paul says ex-state secretary can involve US in Middle East

WASHINGTON – Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has warned that if Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state, becomes the next American president, she could get the United States bogged down in yet another conflict in the Middle East.

Senator Paul told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that the 2016 presidential election could be transformational if a ‘war hawk’ like Hillary Clinton gets into the Oval Office. “We're worried that Hillary Clinton will get us involved in another Middle Eastern war, because she's so gung-ho,” he said.

Indeed, Hillary has acquired a reputation for being quick to jump on the war wagon – even when it has been the neoconservative faction of the Republican Party demanding a call to arms. In 2002, Senator Hillary from New York made a fateful decision that has haunted her political career to this day: She voted to authorise then US president George W Bush to open a military offensive against Iraq, which was suspected of harboring weapons of mass destruction.

However, no such weapons were ever discovered. “Many senators came to wish they had voted against the resolution. I was one of them,” Hillary has written in her newly released book – Hard Choices. “As the war dragged on, with every letter I sent to a family in New York who had lost a son or daughter, a father or mother, my mistake (became) more painful,” she adds.

However, many political observers think the former state secretary will win the Democratic nomination to participate in the 2016 presidential elections – not despite her jingoistic impulses, but precisely because of them. Paul, a potential presidential candidate himself, may pin his hopes on a run for the presidency. “I think that's what scares Democrats the most, is that in a general election, were I to run, there's gonna be a lot of independents and even some Democrats who are tired of war,” Paul said.

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