Iran to build transparent undersea laboratory in Persian Gulf

TEHRAN - Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science head Vahid Chegini has said that a glass laboratory will be built under the Persian Gulf waters.

He said that the laboratory will be built 30 to 40 metres under the waters of the Persian Gulf, where divers would have easy access to it, reported Meher News Agency. He said that the glass laboratory would provide researchers easy access to observe undersea marine life inside the lab.

"Researchers and divers can easily sample different water parameters such as measuring the salinity of water or its temperature to be analyzed for laboratory use," Chegini said adding, "Such laboratory is a natural lab which provides the researchers with direct access to samples."

He said that Iran owns required technology to build laboratory deep under waters. The country enjoys access to sea in its Northern and Southern borders which necessitates the country to achieve required technology to boost water researches.

''There are so many undiscovered phenomena deep under sea waters that make it interesting to learn and search more about oceans. There exists astonishing wonders in the Persian Gulf for researchers and divers to discover," he said. 

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