Airstrikes kill 11 Libyan militants

TRIPOLI: Several fighter jets bombed the Islamist militants’ bases in Libya’s Tripoli in the early hours of Saturday, killing 11 and injuring 20, according to military sources. Mohammed Ghiryany, spokesman for the Islamist armed group, said their army headquarters were bombed along with some civilian neighborhoods near Tripoli’s airport highway, adding that their fighters were performing the morning prayer when the airstrikes took place, and they were still holding the crucial bases and crossroads nearby. The Islamist armed groups were under sporadic airstrikes since the past week, but the identities of the warplanes were still a mystery. Earlier, Khalifa Haftar, who launched his so-called anti- terrorism military campaign Operation Dignity targeting Islamist militants in May and led his troops constantly pounding the Islamist forces, claimed the responsibility for the airstrikes. Later, Libya’s Air Staff said in a statement on Monday that it had received evidence showing that the airstrikes were launched by foreign warplanes.

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