South Sudan truce crumbles as rebels battle govt forces

JUBA: South Sudan rebels and government troops battled Monday over the strategic town of Nasir, the United Nations said, with rebels launching their largest offensive since an oft-broken May truce.
Heavy shooting continued for a second day with fighting continuing in the northern town and rebel forces apparently in “firm control” of the centre, UN spokesman Joe Contreras said. The United Nations warned Sunday that the fresh rebel offensive “represents the most serious resumption of hostilities” since President Salva Kiir and his former deputy, rebel leader Riek Machar, met in May promising again to stick to a January ceasefire.
More than seven months of war has left thousands dead and displaced 1.5 million people, and aid agencies are warning of famine if fighting continues. UNMISS, the UN mission, laid the blame for the truce violation squarely with Machar’s forces.
The rebels claim to control the town, their former headquarters, located some 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of Juba and close to the Ethiopian border. But the United Nations said that fighting was going on, with the heaviest clashes Monday reported around the government army barracks, just west of the town. UN peacekeepers remain in control of their base, where more than two dozen civilians are sheltering inside. 

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