Two killed by bomb inside Bahrain car

MANAMA: Two people were killed in a car that blew up in a mainly Shia village in Bahrain on Saturday, and the interior ministry said the initial investigation showed that a homemade bomb had detonated inside the vehicle.
In a separate incident, the ministry said a bomb wounded three civil defence officials as they were putting out burning tyres near the entrance to a village outside the capital, Manama. Sunni-ruled Bahrain has been hit by several small bombings in recent weeks as the kingdom struggles to end simmering unrest among its Shia Muslim majority, which rose up unsuccessfully in an Arab Spring-inspired revolt in 2011. The small Gulf state is an ally of the United States, which bases its Fifth Fleet there and sees it as a bulwark against nearby Shia Iran.
The interior ministry said in a statement that the car incident took place in the village of al-Maqshaa’, along the Budayya highway outside Manama.
“Police responded to the scene where they found a gutted car containing two dead bodies,” the statement said. A third person was wounded and was being treated in hospital for second-degree burns, the statement said, citing the health ministry. A witness who declined to be named said he had heard two explosions. One man managed to escape the car after the first blast. The second one killed the remaining two people in the car, the witness told Reuters.

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