Ecuador earthquake death toll rises to four

QUITO: Ecuadorean authorities said on Wednesday that four people have died since a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the capital the day before, up from an initial count of two, as dozens of aftershocks rattled the city. “We have four victims to lament,” Mauricio Rodas, the mayor of Quito, told reporters. At least 44 medium-intensity aftershocks have been registered since the quake struck. The earthquake triggered a landslide at a quarry in the Catequilla section of Quito that killed two employees of a Chinese contractor that works for the city. Another victim, who has yet to be identified, died in a health facility in Catequilla. The fourth victim, a four-year-old boy, died in a different area of the capital. He was killed when sacks of rice fell on top of him, the mayor said on Tuesday. The quake also injured at least eight people. 

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