Iraqi traumatised refugees welcome US air strikes on extremists

ARBIL: Displaced refugees in Iraq’s semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan on Friday blamed the insurgents of the Islamic State (IS) for the loss of lives and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and welcomed the U.S. air strikes against the positions of extremist militants.
“These strikes are too late, they should have launched them since the fall of Mosul on June 9,” Sarkout Hama, a 34-year-old shop owner, told Xinhua in Arbil.
“To come late is better than not to come,” Hamma said while demanding intensifying strikes against the militants who have displaced hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens.
Meanwhile, Hoshyar Abdullah, a 25-year-old Kurdish government employee, described the Islamic State militants as “criminal and terrorist gangs. Only powerful strikes can be useful for them to be eliminated.”
“At last, I am very happy because the American aircraft started bombing those terrorists, the attacks must be continued and intensified,” Abdullah said.
At St. Joseph in Ankawa area, just north of Arbil, the capital of Kurdistan region, thousands of displaced Christians resorted to the church from their cities and towns in the nearby Nineveh province captured by the Islamic State militants.
“There is a great conspiracy from some world great powers against all the Iraqi factions,” Philip Hermiz, 56, told Xinhua without explaining who and why the conspiracy was made. However, he blamed the United States for being reckless in protecting the Iraqi people. 

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