Why sleep matters

I sometimes do wonder if god had cut the need for sleep in our lives. So much pending work could’ve taken place. There would’ve been no breaks, no nightmares or disturbing dreams. People would have been utilising the same time someplace productive or in leisure, and those suffering from insomnia would not have been termed “patients”. 
It would’ve worked for me just fine, no doubt about it. I would’ve carried out my routine tasks on time, would’ve had my bed made most of the times and just could’ve enjoyed life to the fullest without having to doze off. There would’ve also been no heart burns after having a hearty meal and going to sleep right after. But then I carried out some research on the need for sleep and boy was I amazed! Maybe research would not be the word for it. I accidentally figured how important it is for ourselves to take naps or a deep sleep in order to live healthy, breathe easy and extend our years in this world.
A friend of mine whose been studying medicine all her life but still hasn’t gotten the license to practise (something, which we keep teasing her about) asked me to pick her up from her university. Whilst there, I found myself roaming around the laboratories where various experimentations and medicinal activities took place. She proudly showed me around, pointing out lizards, frogs, worms and all sorts of creepy crawlies the students and teachers had been operating on and the sight of it all almost made me gag!
And then I spotted something. A fullfigured porcelain mannequin depicting the various organs of a human body. And the purpose was to bring to one’s knowledge on how the human body actually works. I could see the perfect detailing and the names of our multiple organs and how they work as a team for a person’s good health. The mannquin was labelled, the ‘Sleep Cycle’. The first effect a good sleep was on the mind. Thinking and focus becomes sharp. Memory is refreshed. The immune system works in an efficient and active manner. Diseases such as those of diabetes, heart and unnecessary aches are ridden for good. But most of all the emphasis was the on backbone and the spinal cord.
Provided a person sleeps or takes a nap on a good comfortable mattress is pertinent and extremely advantageous for the backbone as well as the posture of a person. After all it’s called the backbone for a reason as it holds the body together in its entirey and plays the most vital role in making one stand tall and face the world in the face. It’s all the more important for us to go shop for mattress, which is tender, comfortable and smooth in its touch; one on which we can imagine ourselves napping and take the much-needed eight hours of sleep. 
Master Celeste’s Bravo Plus, a product of Master Foam, fits the bill and remains my suggestion as it’s a sheer bliss of luxury fabrics, plush fillings and traditional bonnell springs. Happy sleeping! 

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