Don't just be a man, be a Bareeze Man!

* Debuting at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week this year with their newest collection, the brand builds on the strong heritage of fabric design, manufacture and innovation in Pakistan

Who doesn’t notice a well-dressed man? He makes heads turn, eyes stun and stare, the ladies hold their breath and boys take note. A well-dressed man needs no introduction and is always the centre of attention. This year, the creative team behind Bareeze Man, reinvent that well-dressed man. 
He is tall, dark and very handsome and has the perfect attire to compliment his looks. If his immaculate wardrobe wasn’t enough, Bareeze Man introduced funky add ons and accessories, for instance the motorcyle gear to further a man’s macho. After all, he is the Bareeze Man!
A subsidiary of the highly coveted and prestigious Bareeze, the menswear brand is all about accentuating and flaunting masculinity in the trendiest, sophisticated and stylish of manner. 
Debuting at this year’s PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) with their spring/summer collection titled ‘Introspection in The Country, and Other Dalliances’, Bareeze Man has made a statement and promised to dress the men with an unparalled poise. 
“This collection is for and about a man, who is on a journey. He’s headed somewhere, dressed for success and is fearless and bold with his wardrobe, taking life as challenge. At the same time, he’s calm and composed and exudes an aura that is charming and extremely magnetic in its appeal. The Bareeze Man can never go wrong with his dressing,” Bareeze Man Creative Director and the brain behind the brand, Zain Aziz said, while exclusively talking to Daily Times. “With our newest collection, we just don’t want a man to look good, but feel comfortable and own the outfit he’s wearing.”
For this collection, Bareeze Man has furthered its signature of reimagined eastern and western clothing, building on the strong heritage of fabric design, manufacture and innovation in the country. It’s based entirely in fabrics such as linen, leather, cotton and suede. “We have quilted linen and quilted jackets, and have used 100 percent of the linen fabric. I had someone coming in buying in bulk for a wedding taking place in his family. The jackets have proved to be a success with sky-rocketing sales and we’re very proud of that,” Aziz says.
With a price bracket that begins from Rs 4,000 men’s cotton kurtas up till Rs 17,000 for waistcoats, Aziz says the collection caters to everyone, both local and abroad. We love the subdued colour palette of the collection more than anything, which comprises of summer-ready hues with solid loud colours including shades of green, cream and white. The key trends highlighting the collection have been a hit, striking a chord with masses ever since the ramp debut at PSFW. These are the motorcycle gears, short sherwanis, kurtas, demure waistcoats and lasercut leather.
“We’re aiming to make the Pakistani man look cooler while wearing a quality menswear brand,” Aziz adds.

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