Ways to shrink your calves

While most people want to know how to increase the size of their calves, those who have lived with large gams for a long time are desperate to shrink them. Large calf muscles can be a huge hindrance and not even thin, healthy people are immune from their wrath, reports.
Thick calves can keep you from buying a coveted pair of knee-high boots, from walking properly in high heels and can even change the way you walk if the muscles are so bulky that they touch and throw off your stride. Lucky for you, we have a few tips to help you shrink those calves and get long, lean muscles instead!
There are several factors that can contribute to thick calves. It might be the way your body distributes fat, the type of exercises that you’re doing, the type of shoes you wear or genetics.
Unfortunately, genetics are usually the biggest factor in huge calf muscles and that’s something you can’t change. You can, however, make simple changes to your exercise routine to keep from adding extra bulk and help stretch and lengthen the muscles to reduce some of the girth.
The way you’re exercising may be making those bulky calves even bigger. If you’re doing intense exercises in short spurts, such as lifting heavy weights at low reps, running sprints and doing things that put strain on the calves like jump rope, you’re actually making the problem worse.
If you want to shrink those calves, switch to low-intensity workouts at a longer duration, such as swimming, cycling at a moderate pace, or walking. You can still lift weights, but use less weight and do more reps.
To strengthen your calf muscles and elongate them at the same time, try calf raises. To do a standing calf raise, stand with your foot on a block, beam, or other raised surface. With just the balls of your feet on the raised surface, stand up straight. Lower your heels as far as you can to get into starting position. Slowly lift onto your toes and hold for five seconds, then lower back to the starting position Do two to three reps of 15 raises.
You can also try a seated calf raise, which can be done on regular chairs at home or on machines at the gym with added weight.
Simply sit in a chair with your legs hip-width apart, keeping your back straight and your stomach pulled in to support your posture. Rise onto the balls of your feet and hold for five seconds. Then, lower your heels back to the floor. Do two to three sets of 15 reps.

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