Super Cinema, Vogue Towers — part-time theatre, fulltime restaurant!

* Luxury cinema experience doubles in value with the addition of four new dine-in spaces namely Deli Fresh, Patiala Pyala, The Golden Mile and Burger & Lobster

I keep telling my friends that the eighth wonder of the world will be a meal! Being a foodie myself, to see and meet those who share the same passion like mine, is indeed an utter delight. I hear them talking about their favourite meals and what they’ll have next for a serving, with an enthusiasm and love only a foodie can understand. And then, they also make perfect food critics because they’ve seen it all and eaten all!
There is not one, not two, but an entire team out there, which is not just having its meal for the day or talking about it with respect, but implementing its passion with a full on ambition, experimenting it at the Super Cinema, Vogue Towers and giving the cinemagoers something to remember!
“I do believe nothing ventured, nothing gained. The dining spaces allotted at the Super Cinema here at Vogue, have been contemplated over and structured in my mind for the longest time. These are open to the public 24 hours a day, where so far we have experiened a humongous turnout of people of all ages, wanting to get their hands on either of the cuisines,” Super Cinema General Manager Khurram Gultasab said, while talking exclusively to Daily Times. Here is a man, whose created a genius settee atop numerous mind-blowing cuisines. 
There are four dine-in spaces the Super Cinema, Vogue Towers area is divided into – Deli Fresh, which stays true to its name and provides fresh off the deli servings to cater to our very desi tastebuds. From fresh fruit juices to my personal favourite zinger burgers, super supreme pizza that made me crave for more to the splendidly done pina collada, Deli Fresh has been my new hangout place, ever since I tried all these babies out.
And then there’s the very appetising refreshment brand brought forth by the very enterprising Colonel Gultasab, called Patiala Pyala “What we have here is the all-you-can-have roadside food, which is not roadside literally. It’s freshly cooked and prepared by the finest of the country’s chefs, whom I have roped in from all the leading elite hotels of Pakistan,” Colonel Gultasab says. There is Bhelpuri, dahi bhallay, gol gappay and my top favourite sweet potato and channa chaat. Imagine the fun! The fresh fruit juices are not to be forgotten.
“We wanted to form a ‘destination’ for entertainment enthusiasts with this venture of ours, and not a mere multiplex,” Col Gultasab says. He almost makes the space sound like a heavenly treat, which is too good to be true.
Right from the top-class presentation to the aroma that enriches your senses, the taste is divine, soft and easily distinguishable from all the rest you normally have.
“I’ve been coming back for more, ever since the first time I tried this out. I come here with my friends and my family, ending up watching a good movie and stuffing ourselves with these deliciously prepared heavenly meals,” Super Cinema Editor and Relationship Executive Anam Raheel said, also while talking to Daily Times.
With the other two dine ins soon to be launched, namely The Golden Mile and Burger & Lobster, here is a space and venture, which spoils us Lahoris rotten. Entertainment had never sounded or felt healthier.

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