Tattoo artist covered in Jaguar print selling his skin on eBay


A tattoo artist who has covered his body with Jaguar spots is selling his entire skin on eBay – but the buyer can only have it after he dies, Daily Mail reports.
Artur Mrozowski, 41, spent 300 hours getting hundreds of big cat markings inked on by his wife, Monika, at their tattoo parlour in Blackpool, Lancashire. 
They cover a staggering 90 percent of his skin – including his torso, back, arms and legs.
Now, he has put the finished Jaguar print up for sale on the auction site for £75,000 – but it is not available until after he dies. 
Mrozowski, who was born in Warsaw, Poland, said he hoped the funds raised by his skin would give his children a ‘good start in life’.
“People say I am crazy, but we all die anyway and some people donate their organs, some people do nothing with their bodies. I have nothing to lose,” said the father-of-four.
“Yes, £75,000 is a lot of money but it is nothing to someone who is really wealthy. I would be quite happy with that, but no less, because it took a lot of time and pain to get these tattoos. In my heart, I’m hoping for an even higher amount, but I didn’t ask for more because I didn’t want it to look like a joke.”
He added, “The main reason for doing this is my kids. It would give them a good start in adult life and let them decide what they want to do in life, not just what they have to do to make a living. My family is the most important thing to me and I want to strive to do as good as possible for them.”
Mrozowski, who co-runs Jaguar Skin Tattoo Parlour with his wife, said he believed the sale of his skin was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ for prospective buyers.
“It is a bargain really. It is the price of a new car, like a Jaguar,” he said. “There are plenty of Rolls Royces or Jaguars out there but having a wallet made out of human Jaguar skin is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will make an agreement that my skin will be delivered when I pass away. The tattoos cost a lot – not in terms of money, but because of the pain and because at first my wife did not want to do the tattoos. She thought it was a sin to change the natural body and it took time to persuade her – and now she is one of the best tattoo artists in Europe.”
Mrozowsi’s eBay listing, which expires on Sunday, advertises his skin as the ‘the smoothest, softest leather on Earth’. It reads: ‘Would you like REALLY impress your friends?
“The most exclusive wallets, belts, lamps – or anything, it’s about your imagination. Humans skin crafting has a rich traditions; genuine reason to sell. I’m still alive so you get your material after my death and it’s great investment. Product out of this natural material reach the highest prices on a market, so you get whatever you ask for if for re-sell. Human leather is the finest grain leather that is obtainable. Is the smoothest, softest leather on Earth. On top of that that the skin is already tattooed artistically in a unique design: jaguar skin. The tattoo covers 90 percent. It takes 300+ hours to complete that such a work. The size is approximately 2 square metres, in great condition (I’m vegetarian). Delivery arranged through correspondence. Any question do not hesitate to ask (a snake is not included).”
Despite the unique nature of the product, the listing has attracted only one bid so far – a measly 99 pence.

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