‘All Day Music Festival: Storm in a Teacup’ : Lahoris camp out to live indie music

‘All Day Music Festival: Storm in a Teacup’ :  Lahoris camp out to live indie music
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Sunday was a beautiful day – the sun shone high and music flowed freely. Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) and True Brew Records (TBR) along with Karachi’s Lussun TV organised a one of a kind indie music festival, for the first time ever on the lawns of Peeru’s Café on Sunday. 
While busy making music, Zain Peerzada and Jamal Rahman had been talking and thinking about organising such an independent music festival for quite some time. 
A while back, Lussun TV from Karachi had been touring Islamabad with a number of indie bands from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad under the banner of Khayaban-e-Lussun Tours. This is when Peerzada from RPTW and Rahman from TBR decided to strike. They took the opportunity and approached Lussun TV and came up with the idea of ‘Storm in a Teacup’, a day long indie music festival. 
It was the perfect time for them to gather together these musicians on one platform. 
However, Rahman reminisices that it was not all that easy. “I had been wanting to do a music festival for a long time now. This festival was a culmination of our Live at True Brew sessions. Just a week before the event, our sponsors fell through because they weren’t sure if it was safe for them to put in money for some ‘underground’ bands.”
He strictly pointed out that “these are not just some underground bands, they are indie bands and are very much above the ground for that matter”. 
“We had no confirmation from the sponsors until just a week ago. But we decided to go through with it nonetheless,” he added. 
All the bands, which performed at this one-day music festival, volunteered themselves and finances were arranged by TBR itself while the stage was provided by the RPTW. 
According to Peerzada, “It came naturally to me by virtue of being part of RPTW. Since we have had a long tradition of promoting arts, culture and music and have been organising so many different festivals since 1992.”
He emphasised that in Pakistan there was no platform for such indie bands. “We were committed to it despite our sponsors withdrawing at the last moment because we wanted to push forward some sort of a music revolution, at least in Lahore. And by successfully organising ‘Storm in a Teacup’, we have definitely given it some momentum.” 
The line-up included bands such as Jimmy Khan & the Big Ears, Poor Rich Boy (and the Toothless Winos), Sikandar Ka Mandar, //orangenoise, Red Blood Cat, Shaije, Ali Suhail, Natasha Humera Ejaz and Lower Sindh! Swing Orchestra. All of the musicians brought their own distinct style of music on stage but through it all, they made sure that they had done for the crowds that which the organisers had intended. However, my own personal favourites from the festival were the Red Blood Cat. But all in all, the crowd, which was numbered around 400, seemed content and rather joyous. 
The organising team, which included Rahman, Peerzada and Nadir Shehzad Khan of Lussun TV were very happy that it had turned out so well. And of course, a bright sun was but the icing on the cake. 
Now that Lahore has been introduced to the concept of camping out and listening to music all day long, the people at TBR are hopeful that they will be able to put up something similar soon that extends over two to three days. 
For those of you, who had the misfortune of missing this little ‘Storm in a Teacup’, TBR will be putting up around 10 to 11 videos from Sunday’s performances online. 

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