Range of tea bags now availabe for dogs

Forget begging for a walk or a biscuit! Man’s best friend may soon prefer you to just put the kettle on, Daily Mail reports.
A British company has launched a range of premium teabags for dogs. 
Available in seven varieties, the Woof & Brew herbal blends promise perks for your pet such as better breath and a shinier coat. 
Creator Steve Bennett said, “Owners have reported good feedback and lots of benefits.”
However, at £9.99 for 28 teabags, they’re likely to be fetched for only the most pampered pooches. Each teabag makes one litre of tea, which can be cooled and stored for a week.
Bennett, 48, said, “We used to run a tea-shop and many dog owners would say their dogs like to have a cup of tea, but the caffeine and milk in the tea isn’t really suitable for dogs. So we came up with a range of herbal teas they can enjoy without negative effects.”
He has two rescue dogs, Billy and Angel, who have both given the product their seal of approval. He added, “Some dogs take to it straight away – Billy went mad for it – and others take a few days to get used to it, but owners have reported good feedback and lots of benefits.”
The most popular tea is Ha-pee Lawns, which is a blend of golden rod, yucca root and tomato flakes and is said to help reduces lawn damage created by dog urine. 
The product was tested by 200 dogs and 80 percent of owners said they noticed an improvement in their lawns. 
The herbal brew was launched last June by Bennetts’s company Woof & Brew, but Steve is hoping to expand the business and export worldwide. 
The product can be bought on AstarPets.com, a new website dedicated to pet health products.

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