Quentin Tarantino says he’s finally calmed down after film leak

Director Quentin Tarantino told the Cannes Film Festival on Friday he had finally “calmed down” over the leaking of the script for his latest film project ‘The Hateful Eight’.
The leak prompted the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Django Unchained’ filmmaker in January to cancel plans to start shooting, but he said he is now working on a second draft.
“The knife-in-the-back wound is starting to scab, and I have calmed down on it,” he told reporters.
In April a judge in Los Angeles threw out attempts by Tarantino to sue gossip website Gawker, which had provided an online link to the 146-page screenplay.
Tarantino reportedly believed the screenplay was leaked by someone linked to the six people he had shared it with.
“Exactly what I’m going to do, I don’t know. I’m in the process of writing it, of finishing the second draft and then I intend to do a third draft,” he said.
“I’m in no hurry and maybe I’ll shoot it, maybe I’ll publish it. Maybe I’ll do it on the stage,. maybe I’ll do all three, but we’ll find out,” he said.
Tarantino is back in Cannes for the 20th anniversary of ‘Pulp Fiction’.
The film, which made him an international star and relaunched John Travolta’s acting career, won the festival’s top Palme d’Or prize in 1994.
Travolta, co-star Uma Thurman and producer Harvey Weinstein have all joined Tarantino in Cannes for the celebration.
The film will be shown in a late-night screening Friday at the “Cinema de la Plage” (beach cinema) in this French Riviera resort town. ‘Pulp Fiction’, famed for its violence and witty script, won rave reviews after its premiere at Cannes in May 1994.
It was released five months later in the US after a massive publicity campaign and became a world-wide hit, taking in $213 million at the box office.
Two decades on, Tarantino said it was difficult to underestimate the prestige winning the Palme d’Or had brought him.
“What it does for you, as far as being one of the filmmakers of the world is immeasurable,” he said. 

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