A child’s room should not be less than a wonderland

Comfort before anything! I’ve grown up watching mattress and foam makers advertising heavily on TV, with catchy punch and taglines to sing along every time the ad is aired. Genius on their part to instil a sense of warmth and comfort merely from the look of the bedding product itself. It does take a pure intellectual to bring forth for a company such a product, which would sell itself to the public rather than the marketing trying to do all the talking. For those of us who grew up during the early ‘90s, are quite familiar how one’s hard work and efforts should duly be rewarded; that with the aid of a comfortable, soft and inviting mattress waiting at home. We have seen kids our age back then jumping and swirling over the large lump of foam placed on the floor, giggling and having a ball. Later, the innocent ones were seen dozing off on the same body of a mattress, miles away on a beautiful dream. Let me guess. The jingle did go something like “Kaam kaam kaam, din raat karain ham kaam...” and I’m sure the entire generation of that time now would sing in unison to complete the promotional sing-along. We did see an emphasis on children’s comfort before anybody else’s and even now, decades later, it’s heart-warming to see that Diamond Supreme Foam (does it need any further introduction?) has stuck to the same ethos it had stressed on years ago. After all, starting from the grassroots does give a positive impact on the overall structure of a nation, doesn’t it. Bang on, Diamond! Who’s doing your marketing anyway?
“I know for a fact how Diamond is one of the pioneers of mattress and foam makers, having instilled brand loyalty and comfort amongst its clientele right from the beginning. What now we’re focusing more on is the Dolce Vita Lifestyle Series, which consist of well-crafted furniture along with our signature mattresses of course. Again, our stress with the lifestyle series is on comfort more than anything,” Diamond Dolce Vita Director Anam Mudassir says proudly while talking exclusively to Daily Times. “Right now, we’re extremely engrossed and taking orders as well for the Kid’s Range by Dolce Vita, which I’m heading. To provide comfort to children does not just mean a healthy environment to live in, top class schooling and proper food at regular intervals. It also means providing your child with the right bedding and a well-furnished room, which would give him/her easy access to all his things where towards the end of the day, he/she could relax and lie down in a soft, comfortable bed or a couch. I’ve designed and personally headed the Dolce Vita collection for kids. It’s fabulous and orders are pouring in fast,” Mudassir maintains. 
I see in her an ambitious approach, which acquires to do justice to the esteemed brand and also hopes to make the lifestyle series’ predecessor designers proud of her. She has all the current line-ups of plans with their implementations as well as future projects with their nature on the tips of her fingers and looks around intelligently on what more could be added for an improved spell. “This Kids’s Range idea struck me when I realised that my own son should have all the comfort and ease in his room, rather than me always worried about whether or not he hurts himself whilst alone in his room. And since he’s a boy, he should have the independence to watch after himself rather than calling ‘Mommy’ to get him toys and other things. I designed a funky foam shelf for him, where all his toys and picture frames are placed. It’s coloured, soft to the touch and there’s no fear that it might fall off and God-forbid hurt the child. Not just that, but an extremely comfortable mattress has been placed in his room for him to sleep well; I also came up with toddler beds and cots, but they’re still in the pipeline. Child proof cabinets have been placed in my son’s room, which are also part of the Dolce Vita Kids’ Range. Other than these, there are comforters, sofas and couches specially designed for the Lifestyle Series, which are soft and apt for a child’s room,” Mudassir goes on and has me hooked on every word. Doesn’t one feel like being a child all over again with these mouth-watering items for the kids? 
With safety and comfort being Dolce Vita’s top priority, one can blindly put their trust in the brand for their kid’s ease. And then as if reading my mind, she adds, “You see, Dolce Vita is all about comfort and pushing the quality up. Soon, we’ll be exporting to Dubai as well and we just have to stay competent. It’s not a choice, it’s a given. Our USP would also be that we deliver custom made products for customers in 15 days only.”

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