Why wannabe brides pick an ugly husband

Chaps, have you found your crooked nose and receding hairline holding you back when it comes to finding romance? 
According to researchers, you may have trouble getting girlfriends but you’re top of the list when it comes to husband material. For women, personality is far more important than looks when choosing a man to marry, says a study. The US research found that while they may choose the most handsome men to cohabit with, women prefer marriage partners with ‘character’ and don’t mind a few physical imperfections.
The study followed 13,034 people and their relationships over 15 years, to the age of 34.
Participants were rated on attractiveness, personality and grooming. Men rated as having an above-average personality were more likely to get married, while those with above-average looks were more likely to live with their partner but remain unmarried. Study author Dr Michael French, of the University of Miami, said women may be more discerning about men they choose to marry than those they simply move in with - and that in a husband they tend to look for the ‘whole package’.
He added that for some couples, living together is now seen as a trial period rather than a long-term commitment.

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