Fashion Pakistan Week 6 : Maleeha Chaudhry for Daaman wins the prêt race on Day 3

* Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe features Sadaf Malaterre with Anoushay Arshad as muse * Concluding day line-up includes Tapu Javeri, Daaman, Gul Ahmed, Ali Xeeshan, Wardha Saleem, Mahin Hussain, Faraz Manan, Kayseria, Nomi Ansari
Fashion Pakistan Week 6 :  Maleeha Chaudhry for Daaman wins the prêt race on Day 3
Photos By M Haris Usmani & Ahsan Qureshy

The concluding day of Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 6 opened up to a packed audience; the elite and the not so elite, the fashionistas, the entire fraternity under one roof, it was evident, the grand finale was to begin. 
Ace veteran designer Deepak Perwani was seen content with the outcome and the response for the sixth edition of the fashion week as everyone made their way towards the bustling Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe activity featuring Karachi-based designer Sadaf Malaterre with VJ Anoushray Ashraf as her muse. Ashraf was seen clad in a neon pink chiffon dress with a princess braid that she wore with a slight punk manner. 
“I love how Sadaf has dressed me up. I feel good and confident about myself wearing this lovely outfit with a hairstyle doing justice to the entire look. I’m the sort of person who’s always very self conscious, but today I feel extremely jubilant. I’m very happy with my look today,” Ashraf said while talking to the media. A very excited Malaterre was seen accompanying her muse with an ear-to-ear smile.
Malaterre’s spring/summer 2014 prêt collection comprised of vibrant neon colours that were undeniably beautiful, trendy, fresh and very lively. Malaterre nailed it with a collection that was coherent, appealing and very feminine. A job well done!
Photographer and designer Tapu Javeri opened Act One of Day 3 with a stunning collection of bags, clutches and purses that indeed will prove to be a sell-out almost immediately. Designers Kamiar Rokni, Mohsin Ali and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin teamed up to design wardrobe for the three segments Javeri’s collection was divided into and indeed the trend, class, appeal and elegance spoke volumes of Javeri’s aesthetic sense and fashion acumen. Truly a style god!
Daaman by Maleeha Chaudhry was up next with a master class prêt collection for spring/summer 2014 that is a must-add for every wardrobe. From the colours to the cuts, the innovative stretch the collection depicted, Daaman has indeed proved how femininity can be accentuated and emphasised with just the right wardrobe for a very stylish woman. With this collection, Daaman has successfully established itself as a high street brand giving tough competition to many veterans out there. Splendid!
Gul Ahmed presented its digital silk prêt collection that featured mostly golds, browns, dull oranges and greens. As much as the collection was cohesive, it was chic and very modern at the same time. After high street brand Khaadi’s explosion with digital prints only recently, Gul Ahmed presents a line that will be up for grabs and very much in vogue.
Ali Xeeshan is a name synonymous to trend setting, originality and an appeal not many are known for. Over the past couple of years, Xeeshan has made Lahore proud for his collection choreography full of pomp and show the designs very rightfully deserve. Coming out with a bang as always, the FPW spring/summer 2014 pret collection was well crafted in terms of the right embellishments for tops, pants and dresses. The cotton and linen tops with embroidered birds with their funky wings will indeed set a trend for many seasons to come. Genius!
Next up was an elegant collection by the Fashion Pakistan Council CEO Wardha Saleem. Her intricate printed designs and cuts were subtle at first, but then the collection slowly added a funk appeal with sequined jackets on top of beige jumpsuits.
Mahin Hussain was next to show her talent to fashion gurus. Her collection was based on the poetry of the late Parveen Shakir. Hussain specialises in leather and canvas handbags. The designs were simple yet bold. To have an entire bags’ collection dedicated to Parveen Shakir’s poetry is interesting enough. Hussain’s work featured something for everyone, from teen satchels to lady purses.
Walking on the beat of an amazing medley, Faraz Manan presented his Holiday & Resort Collection. With a subtle colour palette, Manan focused more on emphasising the cuts. The gold tights were a highlight. Manan brought the diva back in a woman with his splendid collection. 
Kayseria with the spring/summer 2014 prêt collection got it hands down correct with outfits bespoke for a trendy, earthy, fashionable modesty, cohesive, trendy, playful and absolutely stunning. Kayeria Art Director Waleed Zaman and the rest of the team behind the brand deserve applause for their hard work put in for every outfit that was evident. The saris, kurtis, harems and plaids are a must-add for every wardrobe. 
Nomi Ansari closed Day 3 with a collection depicting custom-made funk and punk. The colour palette was flashy and very fashion forward. 
Take a bow Fashion Pakistan Council and HUM Sitaray as well as the rest of the organisers for bringing together a fashion event all designers could be a part of and cater to a large number of not just national but international audience. The PR and media for all three days of FPW 6 was handled by HUM TV Network. 

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