Strengthen your relationships by having fun together

My grandparents told me how they waited for days and weeks for the melay wala (funfair guy) to come to their village and set up a small fair of games. They anticipated his arrival because all of the siblings and cousins would set out for an unforgettable day out and make memories they knew they would cherish forever.
Our best memories encompass our closest relations – siblings, cousins and childhood friends and most memories are those of playing games together either late in the afternoon or indoors on a hot summer noon.
Even for me, one of the best time with my maternal uncles was the time we spent chasing after each other in the infamous bumper cars at amusement parks. 
Activities like games and taking rides at theme parks are extremely essential to family ties because time spent together competing, cheerfully arguing, giggling and sometimes cheating strengthens family bond. A time out for siblings is essential and also to spend time away from televisions, offices, domestic chores and even the very essential homework. 
How about taking a joyous ride on the bumper cars at Fun City, Islamabad with your brothers and sisters? The rides there, are indeed perfect for a period spent in thrill and fun. As the bumper cars dodge and bang, children are heard giggling, squealing and interacting with their peers. Some inter-family bonds not only need to be strong among siblings but also among parents and children alike.
There are different types of behaviors found in children; some children prefer solitary play involving a child playing alone,or spectator play where the child watches others playing without joining in. But the most productive and encouraging is the associative/partnering along activity in, which children begin to play together, developing relations through doing the same activities by playing with similar equipment. By imitating or following suit from each other, the kids also cooperate, develop and negotiate ideas for their games. Some ideas to go about increasing interaction among siblings as well as between children and parents are:
Arts and crafts together: Activities like arts and crafts help encourage creativity out of most children. It helps children trust their parents’ involvement and concern regarding their tasks. That is one of the reasons why Fun City boosts arts and craft activities as well at their venue.
Baking with parents: Every child has seen an adult bake and cook. It seems as a great achievement to most children when they are involved in making something for their parents. Each one of us as children, have experienced making a chapaati at home. That is the sense of accomplishment I am taking about. It cannot be spoken of, because the feeling is so great. This is why Fun City regularly holds “Little Union Workshops” in, which the kids are taught how to bake super fun cupcakes from scratch.
Enjoying special events: Events like holidays and birthdays need to be prioritised, as it is pertinent to have family reunions more than often. However, get togethers and events need to be planned in a way so all the members of the family can attend and enjoy equally. Fun City is a great place for celebrating your kid’s birthday as this is the one place where the whole family can have fun and all your party planning is taken care of.
Create family traditions: Customs help create steadiness in family connections with the little rituals special to your family. These traditions also help in creating positive memories and help each member of the family feel better about themselves, their place in the family and each other. These new exclusive traditions can be simple or complex, such as breakfast in bed on Sundays, the youngest child getting the most Eidi, or even the weekly pizza night.
Playing games alongside activities can be fun, challenging and enjoyable for both adults and children. It not only helps them let out their energies but develops a healthy relation between all family members. Help your children take part in different types of activities with their siblings and cousins by providing a well-resourced play environment. From baking to special holidays, Fun City has it all to make your best moments into special memories; it is one of those places that encourage family bonding in a safe and a healthy environment, but most of all Fun City does it, perfectly! 

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