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Lahore is known for its loud, colourful people and even more for its unforgettable food; ranging from cultural to continental. Home to many multinational food chains, the city has been graced with a local hub that can give the chains a heavy competition. Outpost B.Y.O.B, that opened up in DHA, Phase VIII is what we’re talking about!
The restaurant is the perfect place for burger lovers because of the fact that they can, as the name suggests, craft their own burgers. As soon as you settle down, a form is handed out and on the form you can tick the ingredients you prefer in your burger. The ingredient choices are quite vast and the choosing activity can be fun. 
The taste of the burgers is great. The bun is soft and light, the patties are juicy and tender. There’s also a variety of sauces for the burgers, which enrich the taste to a whole new level. You are given an option between onion rings and fries; we prefer the latter though. The whole taste and feel of the burger is very homely and personalised. What bums us is the fact that there are no patty choices, other than grilled chicken and beef. Kudos to the calorie conscious, it’s less fattening, but it doesn’t really satisfy the ones who prefer crusty, grand fried chicken awesomeness. The size of the burger is good too, it’s certainly not the biggest burger but neither is it any less than the popular fast food chains. 
The ambience is very farmhouse-ranchy, which is a good thing during this season, but the mosquitoes do get annoying after sunset. The comfy outdoor seats, the plastic tables, the cute little play area add up to a fun experience. However, the location is pretty far away from most places, but once you get to know the place, it’s perfect for good weather day-outs. The service is friendly and impressive. The orders come quite quick and the customers are treated with immense respect.
The price range is reasonable too (starting from Rs 485), well it’s not great but the meal sums up almost equal to the major multinational food chains. The one major drawback of Outpost is the huge lack of variety in the menu, sometimes us Lahoris need a dose of dessert, coffee, tea, appetisers, shakes, kiddy meals, juices and something other than two burgers; none of which is offered here. 
So, go ahead and enjoy the backyard-like place to be, that has created much hype these days. You will enjoy the burgers quite a lot and we hope there’s something new to try next time! 

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