Lata Mangeshkar — the living legend — Part XV

Before winding up my submission on Lata-RD nexus I must mention three songs, written by Gulzar from the film ‘Aandhi’ starring Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen. These were “Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya hai’ (with Kishore), “Is more sei jaate hain” (with Kishore) and “Tere bina zindigi sei shikwa” again with Kishore; melodious songs. 
Roshan & Lata Mangeshkar: Again I shall borrow lines from ‘Melody Makers’ “When I was a child, Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Saari Saari Raat Teri Yaad Sataye’ from 1958 movie ‘Aji Bus Shukriya’ used to be played on Radio repeatedly. It was a simple and lilting melody and was composed by music composer Roshan Lal. Everybody used to hum this song. Then in 1960 when I joined Government College, Lahore, another song ‘Zindigi Bhar Nahin Bhooley Gi Woh Barsaat Ki Raat’ sung separately by Muhammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar caught melody lovers’ attention. I would also often sing this song based in Raag Aimen Kalyan”. From the movie, ‘Malhar’ I like Lata-Mukesh’s duet ‘Barey Armanon Sei Rakha Hei Balam Teri Qasam’ the best.
It was in 1950s that Roshan composed the ever-living melody, ‘Aeiri Main To Prem Diwani Mera Dard Na Jane Koyi’ sung by the legendry Lata Mangeshkar for the movie ‘Naubahar’. The 1952 movie ‘Anhonie’ was Raj Kapoor-Nargis-Agha starrer. A song, a melodious-romantic number by Talat and Lata ‘Hain Payasey Nain Bicharey Zara Khayal Rahei’ is very good. The use of flutes uplifts this song. A unique combination of established Raaj Kumari and upcoming Lata in a Ramba Samba beat appeared in the song ‘Zindigi Badli Muhabbat Ka Maza Aaney Laga’ with Raaj Kumari singing the happy portion and Lata the sad one, in an appealing melody. Lata’s solo ‘Is Dil Ki Haalat Kaya Kahiye Jo Shad Bhi Hei Nashad Bhi Hei’ is Lata’s sad solo for this movie. The song ‘Kaha Hei Unhon Nei Yeh Raaz-e-Muhabbat, Qasam Hei Tumhein Tum Kisi Sei Na Kehna’ is Lata’s Mujra number for this movie. Typical harmonium and Sarangi interludes have been used with Tabla doing the rest. 
The nineteen sixties proved to be the golden decade for Roshan and his music. His ability to use folk music with Indian classical music became his trademark and resulted in movies scores. A Black and White movie ‘Anokhi Raat’ caught my attention only for its music though the theme was interesting as well. Lata’s song ‘Mehlon Ka Raaja Mila Keh Rani Beti Raaj Karey Gi’ became my favourite song. Both the movie and its music which impressed me most by Roshan was again a Kidarnath Sharma’s movie ‘Chiterlekha’ released in 1964 wherein strong roles were played by Ashok Kumar as Yogi Kumargiri, Meena Kumari as Chiterlekha, Pardeep Kumar as Samant Beejgupta and Mahmood as Brahmachari Shwetank. This movie was based on a novel ‘Chitralekha’ written by Bhagwati Charan Verma in 1934, based on the philosophy of life and love. Two of Lata’s numbers, a dance number ‘Aei Ri Janey Na Doongi’ and happy song worth mentioning is ‘Sakhi Ri Mera Man Uljhey Tun Doley’ is captivating. In the latter song, instruments Sarod and flutes play havoc. Female nude statues depict the rich culture of that time. Another song worth mentioning by Lata from this movie is ‘Sansaar Se Bhaage Phirte Ho Bhagwan Ko Tum Kaya Paao Gey’, a taunting composition both lyrics and tune wise. The other movies worth mentioning by Roshan and Lata combination, and also commercial successes were ‘Taj Mahal’ (1963), ‘Aarti’ (1962), ‘Dil Hi To Hei’ (1963), ‘Mamta’ (1966) and ‘Bheegi Raat’. In the latter film, the best song is ‘Dil Jo Na Keh Saka Wohi Raaz-e-Dil Kehney Ki Raat Aai’ rendered both by Rafi and Lata separately and I sing this song almost in every private Mehfil of mine. It uses the full throat singing and range of singers’ voice. Again it is Raag Aimen based song. The duets ‘Jo Wa’ada Kiya Woh Nibhana Parey Ga’ and ‘Paaon Choo Lainey Di Phoolon Ko Inayat Ho Gi’, both Lata-Rafi duets from ‘Taj Mahal’ were mesmerising.
During this time Roshan gave the Hindi movies hits such as ‘Ab Kya Misaal Doon Mein Tumharey Shabab Ki’ and ‘Kabhi To Milegi, Kahin To Milegi’ (Aarti, 1962) and ‘Jurm-e-Ulfat Peh Hamein Log Saza Daitey Hein’ (another Ghazal tune in which Roshan was an expert) (Taj Mahal, 1963). He composed some melodies for the movie ‘Mamta’ (1966) (motherhood) like ‘Rahen Na Rahen Hum’ and ‘Rehte They Kabhi Jinke Dil Mein Hum Jaan Sei Bhi Pyaron Ki Tarah’ but one must not forget the Hemant Kumar-Lata’s melody ‘Chupa Lo Yun Dil Mein Pyar Mera’ from this movie. The tunes, the lyrics, the situations and the movies such as ‘Mamta’ used to be powerful in those days.
I must mention some rare songs composed by Roshan Laal and sung by Mangeshkar. Song “Ye surkhi aur ye sham” is from the 1955 movie ‘Chorra Chorri’.


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