7 in 10 families struggle to get an hour a day together


Most parents spend less than one hour a day of quality time with their children as they race to fit in work and all the chores involved in running a home, a survey has found, Daily Mail reports.
Mornings are a frantic battle to get everyone dressed, fed and out of the door in time for work and school, leaving little time for any kind of meaningful conversation.
After the school day, youngsters are either weighed down by homework or have their heads buried in an iPad, their smartphones or a computer games console.
Fewer families now eat together or even watch TV together, because youngsters will spend hours on a second screen watching programmes and films of their own choice or chatting via social media. A new survey found that just 14 percent of families are able to spend a quality five hours with their loved ones per day. 
“These results are shocking and it is fundamental that we reach out and try to help these parents struggling to find time with their children,” said Andy Stephenson, an expert in child play.
The survey found parents are really anxious about missing out of time with their children. Some 82 percent wanted to spend more time together and 95 percent felt that carrying out activities together helped bring them closer to their children.
Stephenson said, “Parents are much busier now than ever before and with so many household demands, quality time can often be unfairly neglected. However, the really positive side of this data shows that parents still love and deeply value the time they get to spend with their children whilst also wanting desperately to increase it.”
He is the founder of the Weekend Box Club, which puts together packs that are delivered to families every fortnight and suggest fun activities. The firm has teamed up with the National Trust and Project Wild Thing to launch a campaign for parents this Easter called #PledgeOneHour, which offers ideas on how families can spend more time together.

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