Rajab Ali — the melodious voice of the ‘70s and ‘80s — Part III

Rajab Ali sang for M Ashraf’s movie ‘Saathi’ with A Nayyar the song “O hamdum o saathi”. It was a popular number. Four more songs composed by M Ashraf with Ali’s participation need mention; one, ‘Tum kaun ho’ with hosts of other artists such as Nahid Akhtar, Akhlaque Ahmad, Ghulam Abbas and Shaukat Ali from 1981 movie ‘Khotte Sikkey’, two, ‘Syedul Mursaleen’ with Masood Rana, Munir Hussain and Humers Channa from 1990 movie ‘International Goreeley’ penned by Warris Ludhyanvi, three, ‘Parnaania diwaaneya mere naal hajje takraveen na’ with Noor Jehan and Akhlaque Ahmad from the same movie, four, ‘Sacha naam Khuda da’ from the film ‘Yaar Payara’. This song was sung by Rajab with Masood Rana with lyrics by Khwaja Parvez.

The 1970s seemed a busy year for Rajab as he was given a number of songs as playback by Lollywood. Nisar Bazmi gave him a song again in 1974 film ‘Dushman’. The song was “Bibi ji salam, mery dil kei naam”. A duet with another male singer is a rarity. Rajab got the honour to sing with Ahmad Rushdi the song namely “Hallo hallo cha cha cha” composed by Nazir Ali for the 1972 movie ‘Pardais’ penned by Qateel Shifai. Music composer Nashad is different from music composer Naushad. He moved to Pakistan after giving successful music in Indian movies ‘Baradari’, ‘Naghma’ and ‘Zindigi Ya Toofan’. His tenure in Pakistani film industry was successful too. In 1973 movie ‘Baharon Ki Manzil’ he used Rajab with Noor Jehan for a catchy duet “Shaam hui jane dei, chor meri baniyan, beimaan saiyyan”. Lyrics were penned by Taslim Faazli. He again brought Rajab with Mala in the duet “Toot gaye sab khwaab suhane” in 1973 movie ‘Dulhan Rani’. Another Naushad composition for Rajab was “Ye kaya ghazab hei keh tum bhi singhaar karti ho” penned by Shevan Rizvi for 1975 movie ‘Palki’. In this movie Rajab sang with Nahid Akhtar “Zindigi bhar yehi iqrar kiye jayein gei”. This was also Shevan Rizvi’s penned number.

One must have noticed in my above narration that music composer M Ashraf was also instrumental in enhancing the singing career of Rajab. In 1973 movie ‘Dil Ka Sheher’ he gave a song “Tu nei pehli baar liya hei” to Rajab along with Noor Jehan. A song “Kyun na tujhe pyar karun” still resound our ears from 1973 film ‘Aar Paar’ with Noor Jehan. Rajab sang “Ja ja re bhanware” in 1975 movie ‘Bemisaal’ with Nahid Akhtar and Ahmad Rushdi. In the 1976 movie ‘Goonj Uthi Shehnai’ Rajab sang with Nahid Akhtar a song “Aise milain keh phir na juda haun” penned by Taslim Faazli. Ashraf gave a song along with Mehdi Hasan “Woh kehte hain duniya main pyar bari cheez hei” for the1977 film ‘Sasural’. I think this music composer used Rajab for maximum of his composed songs like “Aao saanson ki door main bandh jaein” with Mahnaaz, a duet in the 1978 movie ‘Playboy’.

A great music composer Master Abdullah selected Rajab for some of his songs also. In a movie namely ‘Sohna Mukhra’ he gave the Qateel Shifai penned song “Alik aukhra rah khara aei” along with Hamid Ali Bela and Munir Hussain; a Sufi number. Another song “Chal aaween dhang naal” from the 1981 film ‘Chaanga Tei Maanga’ with Shaukat Ali needs to be mentioned. Other music composers who gave break to Rajab have been music composer Wajahat Attre with the songs “Raat dinne tei fair shaam” in 1979 film ‘Gariftaar’ and “Kitti qawwali main shuroo rola pay” with Shaukat Ali in the 1981 film ‘Dara Sikandar’.

Music composer Nazir Ali has been kind to Rajab and he gave him a song “Sada manna dooje di khair sajna” in 1975 Punjabi movie ‘Heera Phuman’. Again he was paired with Munir Hussain for this Khwaja Parvez number. A song “Daadi amman ko mubarak ho” with Ahmad Rushdi from the 1976 movie ‘Mujhe Gale Laga Lo’ was composed by Nazir Ali. Rajab has been used with other crooners by Nazir Ali as well. A song “Hum sir ko jhukaein gey dar-e-yaar kei aagey” with Masood Rana and Samar Iqbal from 1980 movie ‘Chotte Nawab’ needs to be mentioned. In the same movie Rajab and Mahnaaz sang a duet “La day re mohe laal chunariya”. Rajab sang “Mera ishq yaar da diwana” with Masood Rana and Ghulam Abbas in the movie ‘Jatt Gujjar Tei Nutt’ in 1983. Finally a solo “Khush rahe duniya muhabbat sei keh nashaad rahe” needs mention from the 1981 movie ‘Bara Aadmi’. One must have noticed from these details that Rajab bagged a mixture of Urdu and Punjabi songs.

Apart from the established music directors of 1970s and 1980s, lesser known ones also used Rajab’s voice. Mushtaq Ali composed a song “Apne hi pyarian da pyar lut lainde nain” from the 1975 movie ‘Chad Burey Di Yaari’. MA Shad gave Rajab a song “Na beqarar karo khidara pyar karo” from the 1976 movie ‘Daman Ki Aag’. This song was penned by Taslim Faazli. The more known music composer such as Master Inayat Hussain also brought Rajab with Masood Rana in the 1977 movie ‘Jabroo’. The song was “Haq La Ellaha Illilah, tu samne aa keh nahi disda”. Wajid Ali Nashad has been able son of able father Shaukat Ali Nashad. He used Rajab for a song “Saathi re, beet na jaye mausam pyar ka” for the 1977 movie ‘Parastish’ along with Mahnaaz. Munir Hussain, Rajab and Nahid Akhtar joined hands to sing “Beha beha ya mahbuba” for music composer Tafo Khan for the film ‘Guarantee’ penned by Malik Munir in 1978. Music composer Kamal Ahmad remained popular for sometime after giving music in actor Rangeela’s films. In a movie ‘Insaan Aur Shaitan’ he used Rajab for the song “Main ashiq nahi parwana hun” in 1978. He used Rajab again with Ghulam Abbas and Naheed Akhtar in the film ‘Shola’ for the song “Tu agar chahe tau qatre ko samunder kar de”. The song was penned by Hazeen Qadri.

This coverage of Rajab’s film songs would not be complete if we do not mention the songs “Bewafa aaj mujhe tanha chor diya” by the only Pakistani film’s female music director Shamim Nazli from the movie ‘Mera Pyar Yaad Rakhna’, “Jinne Lahore nahi takeya” (with Shaukat Ali) from the 1981 movie ‘Fattafutt’ composed by Safdar Hussain and “Rabba Teithu” with Afshan for 1982 movie ‘Wohti Da Sawaal’ in Zulfiqar Ali’s music. g

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