Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part XVII

Salim Iqbal has come out with a beautiful song sung by Madam as far as the instrumental treatment is concerned. The second song that mesmerizes me is "Dil kei afsane nigahon ki zuban tak", descent poetry put to a descent tune that is a treat to listen even today. The third melody that is popular among masses even today is "Jiyo dhola" picturised on Noor Jehan. A rare song by Noor Jehan from the 1968 film is "Lal bujhakar" with lyrics "Sajna main tere bahjon jyunian na moi aan/Chan taun gawahi lai lai saari raat roi aan'. The song emits pathos with excellent lyrics describing sorrow and separation. Another rare song is from the film 'Lala Rukh' with lyrics "Abhi na jao aei jan-e-mun na jao/Nahin hei qabu yei dil hamara/Nahin satao hamain khuda ra/ Tumhain qasam hei abhi na jao' composed in a tune and instrumental treatment with an arabic touch.
I was in India in 1964 and the only Pakistani song they remembered was "Ab yehan koi nahi" rendered by Noor Jehan for the film 'Baji' picturised on Nayyar Sultana when the hero falls for a younger girl instead. So this song depicted the deprivation of the elder one. Another rare song is a faster number, a club number "Hai jawani ho gai kamli' from 'Aj Da Mahiwal'. A very nice song of girls leaving their parents' house for their husband's is depicted in the song "Mapian dei ghar dhiyan", a dholak song from the film 'Dukh Sajna Dei'. Another catchy number from this film is "Main teri aan". Another song with daring lyrics is "O! marno zara nahi dared" from the film 'Ji O Jatta'. 
The best song of the Salim Iqbal-Noor Jehan team however is "Laut aao mere pardesi" from the film 'Pakeeza'. The composition changes its mood with the changing seasons as depicted in this song of waiting. The sound effects of lightening and rain as well as moving water enhance the impact of the song and perhaps the theme of the movie. A sad song "Haye re qismet" from the film 'Piya Milan Ki Aas' has its sad effect intact. Two classical based songs as Ustad Salim Khan, one member of the duo Salim Iqbal, being a proficient classical singer himself, need mention. One is "Sajjan laagi tori lagan" from 'Baji' where Fareeda Khanum accompanied Noor Jehan and the other "Piya na hi aaei" from the 1962 film 'Darwaza' where Ustad Amanat Ali Khan accompanied Noor Jehan.
Wajahat Attre and Noor Jehan: This combination delivered the mot melodious, most catchy and most rhythmic numbers. I am very amazed at this discovery especially while playing these songs in my FM Radio Shows. Rhythm and melody is combined in the ever popular melodies "Main tei mera dilber jani", "Main charhi shikare ishq", "Aanda tere lai reshmi roomal", "Bau ji main ik araj karan", "Jhanjeria pehna do", "Jidiriye hun tei magharon" (the sad mujra), "Main charhi shikare ishq" (a folk touch), "Main vi badnam saiyan", "Tumba vajdai naa" from the film 'Naukar Wohti Da', "Pyar tenu karni aan", "Ashiq tei parwana" with Munir Hussain For the film 'Tere Ishq Nachaya', "Wagdi nadi da pani" a sad number from the film 'Ishq Na Puche Zaat', "Pyar naalon pyare sajna" and "Dil diyan lagian jaane na" from the film 'Bau Ji', "Tu ain mahi chaila tei", "Toon jei mere hamesha", "Vei ik tera pyar" (a very enchanting number), "Ve soney deya kangnan", "Mundeya dopatta chad mera" with Nadeem, for the film 'Mukhra' picturised on Babra and Nadeem etc. With such numbers Wajahat and Madam delighted to music lovers mostly in Punjabi films. These songs are loved even today.
In 1982, his three movies 'Shair Khan' with the hit song "Jhanjaria pehna do", 'Saala Saheb' the hit song being "Mausam hoya eiy beimaan" and 'Chan Waryam' with the hit song "Wey soney deya kanganaan" were released on Eid. All 21 songs can be said to have became hits. It was a hat trick. Then he composed music for many films like 'Puttar Jaggey Da', 'Kaaley Chor', 'Kalyar', 'Raaka', 'Mehndi', 'Mukhra' and many more all with songs sung by Noor Jehan. Wajahat has many hit tunes to his credit sung by Noor Jehan. He started his career with films such as 'Nikkey Hundian Da Pyar', Ishq Na Puchey Zaat' with the popular song "Wagdi nadi da pani", 'Terey Ishq Nachaya with the song "Chaiti buhri wey tabiba", 'Ashiq Tey Parwana' with a song of the same words in raag todi. His biggest challenge was recording the songs of Riaz Shahid's hit film 'Zarqa' as his father Rasheed Attre had recently died after composing only three songs. Not only did he complete the film's songs but also gave the background score.


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