People warned against deadly combination of Smoking, Diabetes

KARACHI - People suffering from diabetes and also indulged in smoking are exposed to a deadly combination that enhances their vulnerability to wide range of health related complications.

In an article published in the latest edition of Diabetes Digest, a publication of Diabetic Association of Pakistan, smoking causes circulation and wound healing problems leading to foot infection. "Smokers with diabetes are more likely to develop nerve damage (neuropathy) and kidney disease (nephropathy)," said compiler of the report.

Elaborating the condition, it was mentioned that smoking damages and constricts the blood vessels and this damage can worsen foot ulcers and lead to blood vessel diseases and leg and foot infections that holds every chance of amputation in face of negligence.

It is again in the given backdrop that smoking increases the chances of permanent vision loss or blindness among diabetics. Moreover, smoking also increases risk to develop limited joint movement and enhances muscle pain besides aggravating dental disease, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers.

Since, smoking cuts the amount of oxygen reaching tissues, this decrease can lead to a heart attack or stroke. It simultaneously increases the cholesterol levels among smokers and level of some other fat in their blood raises risk of a heart attack.

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