Classy and affordable, Hamna Amir’s jewellery is for the masses


Gem of a person, a dynamic entrepreneur, a successful businesswoman and a doting mother of two, 31-year-old Hamna Amir of Sonar fame has fledged out and began her independent jewellery designing and retail business. With bespoke pieces of jewels and stocking at four countries including Pakistan, UK, US and the UAE, Amir caters to the masses with an affordable range of jewellery that is classy, chic and very trendy.With an independent outlet launched in Lahore only recently and a huge clientele present both in her home country and abroad, Amir has indeed carved a niche for herself in the jewellery designing business. Situated on the very commercial MM Alam Road, the Hamna Amir Designer Jewellery outlet contains something for everyone, with charm bracelets, chunky rings and earrings, Mughal chain necklaces, waist gold chains, ruby and sapphire entwined with gold sets, gold and chaandi maatha patties, chaandi tiaras laden with stones, baazu bunds, slave bracelets and what not. However, it’s the historic Mughal-era inspired chain necklaces, that catches one’s eyes whilst entering the outlet.

The talent, skill and experience of the young jewellery designer is reflected in the intricacy and fineness of the finish. Having been the production and marketing head of Sonar as well as its co-founder for four long years and to have ventured into forming her own independent jewellery design business, winning praises and appreciation and a whole lot of credibility along the way, the very practical Hamna Amir surely knows how to make her dreams come true. “I’ve observed the trends and given people what they would like to wear or like to see others wearing and also be able to afford it. That was the main key to our success with Sonar and so I’ve adopted the same in my approach towards my independent venture,” Amir says while talking exclusively to Daily Times. “I see the entire country obsessed with ‘Mera Sultan’, regardless of age and I just thought why not give my countrymen a dash of Turkish splashed all over their necks, ears and fingers? The emerald and ruby rings, bracelets and bangles along with the chainwork necklaces are appropriately priced from Rs 25,000 onwards. You see, it’s like I mentioned earlier, my work is not just limited to a certain clientele who can afford me. It’s actually for the masses and I have something for everyone; teenage girls, to young women to the middle-aged and the elderly. Everyone can enjoy the Hamna Amir Designer Jewellery experience and flaunt these jewels anywhere they please.”Sonar, which was one of the pioneer of jewellery designing four years back, now goes stronger with its offshoot - the Hamna Amir Designer Jewellery.

“The sapphire rings with American zircons as well as the Bangkok ruby earrings, our handmade metallic clutches, the iPhone clutches and our tiaras to go with our Turkish collection have been a hit and their prices range from Rs 7,500 to Rs 35,000.”When asked how she copes with a saturated designer jewellery market’s competition, Amir said, “We just stay focused and original. We were the first ones to introduce our own metal rather than rely on imports. Also, we have our own workshop here and everything crosses my supervision before going for the final cuts. Fingers crossed, we’re hoping for the best and at the same time experiencing the best as well.”

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