Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part XIV

Master Inayat Hussain and Noor Jehan: We shall only talk about the films in, which Noor Jehan gave playback for Master Inayat Hussain. Year 1962 was good for Master Inayat Hussain. His film ‘Azra’ was released with Noor Jehan’s songs “Kuch bhi na kaha” (a haunting melody with a touch of Arabian music parallel with the theme of the movie and an alaap in the end of the song enhancing the climax), “Sharma ke hum se” sung with Salim Raza, “Meri wafain”, “Hae janam” and “Sub dagh dil”. Master Inayat Hussain’s movie ‘Elan’ had songs such as “Gati havaen” and “Tera intezar kare” by Noor Jehan. A melodious song “Mera ghar meri jannat” picturised on Sabiha Khanum was sung by Noor Jehan for the movie ‘Devar Bhabi’. I love the song “Hum sei badal gaya” sung both by Mehdi Hasan and Noor Jehan separately for the movie ‘Dil-e-Betaab’.
To wind up my submission on the Noor Jehan and Master Inayat Hussain’s team, it would be unfair if I did not mention Master Sahab’s Punjabi repertoire. There was a trend to produce more of Punjabi films in the mid-‘70s. During that period Master Inayat’s music in ‘Jadoo’ made it a golden jubilee film. The eight songs including “Jadoogara” by Noor Jehan were all super-hit songs. His film ‘Maula Jat’ was also a super hit film though his music was different from his usual style. It had Noor Jehan’s songs such as “Main nachaan gi zuroor” and “Dildar mere pyar kolon”.
I shall suffice with only one superb song picturised on lovely Asia with lyrics “Sajna kyun bheegey torey nain” sung by none other than Noor Jehan as one of my most favourites from the film ‘Pehli Nazar’. His music for the movie ‘Najma’ was outstanding as was Noor Jehan’s “Taqdeer nein badli” picturised on the pretty Zeba.
Nisar Bazmi and Noor Jehan: In my book Melody Makers I have mentioned that in Pakistan music composer Nisar Bazmi’s breakthrough as far as success is concerned, was with the movie ‘Aisa Bhi Hota Hei’. The story of Nisar Bazmi’s entrance into Lollywood goes something like this that in 1962 he was in Pakistan to visit some relatives as well as to explore the possibilities of work. A friend arranged his meeting with Fazle Karim Fazlee and his son Faizee, well-connected filmmakers of the ‘60s. They not only booked him for their film but also helped him procure Pakistani nationality. The recordings started in December 1962, and the entire score was ready by the first few months of the following year. The film, however, was not released until 1965. The songs, were released and played on Radios all over Pakistan, thus became popular long before the first screening of the film. Among the popular numbers of this film were “Mohabbat mien teray” by Rushdi and Noor Jehan and of course the composer’s own favourite “Ho tamaana aur kaya” by Madam Noor Jehan. This song was equally popular among masses. In one of his interviews Bazmi had stated that he liked it because it is so eastern. It really gave one a feel of our classical music. An interesting anecdote is related to the recording of the first song “Aye aye bahar kay din” of this film, according to Bazmi, “All the music directors had gathered to watch my work – Khwaja Khurshid Anwer, Rasheed Attre, Master Inayat Husain and others. Those days, songs were recorded on three tracks: two were given to the musicians, and one to the singer. For certain reasons, I was not getting the required effect, and kept on asking Madame (Noor Jehan) for more re-takes. On the nineteenth, Master Inayat, who had just entered the hall, said to me, ‘Bazmi Saheb, this is good’ and I agreed with him. Those were the good old days when you could ask even a senior artist to give many re-takes.”
Again I shall quote from my book Melody Makers, “The 1968 movie ‘Lakhon Mein Aik’ is my all time favourite as far as its music is concerned. Afzal Husain, who had recorded the songs for ‘Aisa Bhi Hota Hai’ decided to produce a film. He wanted Raza Mir to direct and Bazmi to compose the music. It proved to be a good team. Many music listeners as well as critics remember the score from ‘Lakhon Mein Aik’ as the best of Bazmi’s, although he himself thinks he surpassed himself in ‘Naag Muni’ a few years later (which was again, incidentally directed by Raza Mir). Noor Jehan’s song “Chalo accha hua tum bhool gaye” is considered the best in this movie. I agree, but in my opinion “Halaat badal nahin saktey” surpassed in depiction of pathos and pain.” Continued

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