Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part XIII

This song belongs to the movie ‘Ziddi’ released on January 16, 1973. It was directed by Iqbal Kashmiri and its cast was Firdaus, Ejaz, Munawar Zarif and Rangeela. A mujra sequence from this film “Wey chad meri veeni na marore” became a street song in no time. Ilyas Kashmiri played the role of the villain. The sarangi and harmonium interludes enhanced the impact of the dancing girl sequence in the song. Firdaus appears very slim in this movie when she dances on the song “Sohnia terey ji sadqey” sung by Noor Jehan. The song “Akhian wey raatein” is very sad as well as a happy mujra song. This film was one of the most powerful and successful ventures of its time because of its melodious songs and some powerful acting by the actors. Master Abdullah bagged the Nigar Award for his music in the movie ‘Ziddi’. One example of Noor Jehan’s command over singing all types of songs is demonstrated in the song “Mil gaye thandak nigahoan ko” for Baba Qalander’s film ‘Zindigi’ in 1968. Noor Jehan’s songs for the 1968 film ‘Commander’ were “Jawab de bewafa” and a duet with Irene Parveen “Aap ki mehfil mein aaya”. In 1970 Master Abdullah composed music for another Punjabi movie ‘Taxi Driver’. One of its songs was a ‘Been Sapera’ number “Piya dil moh laya” by Noor Jehan. This film starred Rani, Habib, Yousuf Khan and Alia and was directed by Iqbal Kashmiri. Another Noor Jehan number from this film was “Izzataan walio jo gaya”. Fans revel in delight as they listen to the song, “Teray pyar da mein” a duet by Noor Jehan and Mujeeb Alam for director Raja Hafeez’s 1970 film ‘Rangu Jatt’. Naghma picturised a beautiful song by Noor Jehan “Jadon vi koi pyar” for the movie ‘Duniya Paisey Di’. This film was directed by Fayyaz Sheikh and produced by Ahad Malik. The song “Chal chaliye” by Mehdi Hasan and Noor Jehan became a street song in no time. This song was a pop song in those days and was picturised on Habib and Firdaus who take a city ride on a tonga and in the process visit Shalimar Gardens also. After this song the public yearned to listen to more of Master Saheb’s melodies. This film was also released in 1971. From this film, another song worth mentioning is “Uthway manawaan tainu” by Noor Jehan. From the 1972 film ‘Nizam’, “Teray pichhay pichhay aana” a duet by Mehdi Hasan and Noor Jehan and “Sajna di deen lei” by Noor Jehan are very catchy numbers. The latter is a mujra number and is composed in a difficult but sweet tune especially when the waves on the word “deed” are created. Even after 14 years of her death, young Pakistani singers are remixing her songs into modern tunes such as Sajjad Ali’s version of Noor Jehan’s melody “Tere yaad satandi”. This is one way of offering one’s endless admiration and gratitude to Master Abdullah and Noor Jehan’s team who have been truly the guiding light of our lives. Master Abdullah was very good at producing rhythmic songs. Life is nothing without rhythm and he believed in this concept, which he translated into music. His music for the film ‘Nizam’ is reflective of this art. Songs such as “Koi nith nith pyar” by Noor Jehan for the producer G Haider’s film is one example, released on November 9, 1972.
It was the natural and mischievous actress Asia who gave life to Noor Jehan’s song “Mein na jamdi” for Iqbal Kashmiri’s 1975 film ‘Shareef Badmaash’. Another rhythmic song picturised on Asia is again by Noor Jehan, titled “Dil diyan man kei” opposite Sultan Rahi in their heydays. Another song “Meri tore kabuter wargi” by Madam falls in the same category. The song like “Raat ka pichhla peher” has been around quite a while, sung by Noor Jehan from director, G Haider’s 1975 film ‘Badal Gaya Insaan’. Master Abdullah has had his own style of making music, for example in director Altaf Husain’s 1976 film ‘Jawan Tay Maidaan’ he composed songs such as “Ainj lazzat meray”, “Din khushiyaan da aaya” and “Maar seeta way” all three sung by Noor Jehan. The last movie by Master Abdullah for which Noor Jehan sang was a Urdu film ‘Qismet’ starring Anjuman, Yousuf Khan, Sangeeta, Arifa Siddiqi, Nanha, Rangeela, Khalifa Nazir, Ajmal, Talat Siddiqi, Nasrullah Butt, Changezi, Sawan, Ilyas Kashmiri, Firdous, Sultan Rahi and Reema as child star. It was a film produced by Chaudary Ajmal and directed by Iqbal Kashmiri. Master Abdullah achieved many heights through songs he composed for this film such as “Babul teri meri chhoo”, a duet by Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hasan. Though both Master Abdullan and Noor Jehan are not physically with us, their music continues to recharge and enrich us making our time on this planet more meaningful, significant and musical. Continued

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