Music composer Salim Iqbal & Noor Jehan — Part IV

The best song however is Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and Noor Jehan’s classical rendering of “Piya na hi aei”. This song demonstrated the popularity of classical music in 1960s.
Earlier Salim Iqbal gave music for director S Suleman’s movie ‘Mehndi Waley Hath’. This film was released on September 11, 1963 starring Zeba, Sultan, Nazar and Talish. Director Luqman came forward and used the services of Salim Iqbal for his movie ‘Ik Pardesi Ik Mutiar’. This movie was released on October 9, 1964. Its cast was Naghma, Asad Bukhari, Asif Jah and Allauddin. Film ‘Punjab Da Sher’ was released on June 4, 1965. Directed by KD Mirza the movie’s cast was Naghma, Akmal, Zamurad, Mazhar Shah and Iqbal Hasan. It was latter’s first film appearance. Urdu film ‘Hum Matwaley Naujawan’ was released on September 19, 1965. Directed by Rana Haleem; its cast was Deeba, Sultan, Naghma, Asad Bukhari, Rangeela, Nasira and Zeenat. The film ‘Ruswai’ was released on March 25. It was Urdu film directed by Ejaz A Mir starring Deeba, Habib, Talish and Lehri.
The movie ‘Mader-e-Watan’ is famous for its motivational song “Aei rah-e-haq kei shaheedo” rendered by Naseem Begum. It was Saifuddin Saif production starring Muhammad Ali, Deeba, Zeenat, Naeem Hashmi and Talish. Another lilting song from this movie was “Chal hat ri hawa ghoonghat na utha” picturised on Deeba oozing simplicity and innocence in this song. Saifuddin Saif came out with another brilliant film namely ‘Lut Da Maal’ on May 26, 1967. Its cast was Firdaus, Akmal, Saloni, Asif Jah and Mazhar Shah. Salim Raza and singer Mala sang “Kahnu Ghusse Ghusse Rehnde O Saathau” – a lilting song where lover and beloved complain against each other and then reconcile, “Ashiqan di reet aiho rehnde chup ke” a Qawwali song by Masud Rana and Naseem Begum pictured on Saloni and Asif Jah with Firdaus waiting for her beloved who is coming fast on a horse-ride. Firdaus and Saloni join hands to dance on the song “Mera mahi jadon mare lalkara” singing about the bravery of their beloveds. Mala and Chorus girls dance for Firdaus in a song “Haye ni main waari choora pawey chankare” and finally young Aliya dances for village boys “Ja main nahi laina note dus da”. A Rs 10 note must be having some value in 1960s. Salim Iqbal has taken care to keep the village backdrop in mind while composing the folk oriented songs with appropriate fast dholak and tabla beats with catchy interludes.
Film ‘Mera Veer’ was released on September 22, 1957, directed by Basheer Malik, starring Naghma, Akmal, Habib, Ghazala, Talat Siddiqui, Rangeela and Sawan. Director Hasan Tariq’s film ‘Yateem’ was released on October 13, 1967 starring Rani, Ejaz, Allauddin and Saqi. Film ‘LalaRukh’ was directed by Aziz Meeruthi starring Neelo, Muhammad Ali, Nanha, Farhi, Adeeb, Asad Bukhari and Talish. Music composers Salim Iqbal’s film ‘Yaar Dost’ was again S. Suleman’s directed movie starring Naghma, Akmal, Firdaus, Muhammad Ali, Iqbal Hasan, Lehri, Sawan and Talish. It was released on April 12, 1968. Film ‘Chaalbaaz’ directed by Iftikhar Khan, starring Shirin, Allauddin, Sawan and Saba was released on October 4, 1968. Punjabi movie ‘Ghairatmand’ was a KD Mirza directed film starring Shirin, Akmal, Iqbal Hasan, Mazhar Shah and Munawar Zareef. It was released on March 14, 1969. The smart girl Husna was cast by director S Suleman opposite Muhammad Ali in the movie ‘Piya Milan Ki Aaas’. This film was released on April 4, 1969. Noor Jehan rendered “Hai re qismet rooth gai” explicitly well apart from the song “Aa gai main kahan” mentioned above for this film. Punjabi film ‘Bhaiyan Bahj Na Jorian’ was released on January 22, 1971 directed by Niaz Ahmad, starring Saloni, Iqbal Hassan and Sultan Rahi. The movie ‘Ajj Da Mahiwaal’ was directed by Haider Chaudhry starring Aaliya, Munawar Zarif, Sangeeta, Afzal Khan and Sheikh Iqbal. Its song “Lang aja patan channa da yar” became popular in the voices of crooners Masood Rana and Tasawur Khanum’ from this movie. Masood Rana contributed “Pyar naalon pyariye” for this movie. Another rare song is a faster number, a club number “Hai jawani ho gai kamli” from the movie ‘Aj Da Mahiwal’.
On January 16, 1976, Salim Iqbal composed music for ‘Pyar Kadey Nahi Marda’ directed by Ziaullah starring Naghma, Habib, Rangeela, Razia and M Ismail. The same year the movie ‘Kil Kil Mera Naa’ was released on December 17, 1971. Its cast was Neelo, Munawar Zarif, Shahid, Nimmo, Munawar Saeed, Najma, Talish and Nusrat Shaheen. The movie ‘Behram Daku’ was Salim Iqbal’s last movie starring Asiya, Sultan Rahi, Chakori, Adeeb, Nimmo, Rangeela and Talish. It was directed by Rauf Abbasi.
Because of true treatment given to the song’s situation in the film, whether of urban or of rural backdrop, orchestral treatment in consonance with the mood of the song, use of folk, classical music or chord system in the film songs was the name of composers Salim Iqbal duo. Ustad Saleem Hussain was pupil of Ustad Sardar Khan and that is why he hails from Delhi gharana of classical music and its impact is profoundly visible in his music compositions.*

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