Kate Middleton crushes pregnancy rumours

The duchess of Cambridge appeared to scotch pregnancy rumours on Sunday by enjoying several glasses of New Zealand wine with the duke, before heading off for a white-knuckle thrill ride on a jet boat in leafy Queenstown, Daily Mail reports.
But she took a tumble in the local vineyard when she stumbled and nearly fell over her 4inch wedges.
Kate told wine-makers at a local vineyard she “was really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George”.
Hannah Armstrong, from Mudhouse Wines, said, “Kate said she hadn’t drunk whilst pregnant with George and although she doesn’t drink much she was really enjoying the odd glass.”
Kate, 32, tried a couple of glasses of Aurum pinot gris and Remarkable dry Riesling.
But it’s Wills – and Harry – who are the wine experts in the family. Hannah, 28, said, “Kate said she doesn’t drink much but William likes his wine.”
‘I said “And of course Harry!”, she laughed and agreed.’ John Darby, owner of Amisfield vineyard in Queenstown, showed the royal couple around the vineyard – where Kate nearly fell over in her massive wedge heels.
She looked unsteady on the rough ground in her Russell and Bromley cork wedges – and as she slipped she grabbed William’s arm to steady herself.
John, 57, offered the couple a glass of 2011 Amisfield pinot noir in the sunshine.
As he chatted to the couple about the grapes and the climate, he said, “When it gets very cold we use helicopters to stop the frost over the vines by hovering above and stirring up the cold air.” William exclaimed, “You’re joking? That’s an expensive way to do it! Wow! If you ever need a spare pilot, I’m here! That is an expensive way to make wine. But we should stop talking and start drinking.”
Sticking his nose into the glass, he said, “Hmm, this smells delicious.”
In glorious sunshine, with the mountains as backdrop, Kate swirled her glass and repeated her husband’s comments, before taking a tiny sip. She immediately handed the glass to William’s private secretary Miguel Head, telling him to “enjoy it’” 

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