Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part XII

Actors Nazar, Rajni and Azad were the support cast. This movie was produced by AZ Baig.  Khalil Ahmad composed lots of tunes for Pakistan Television Corporation. Ibn-e-Insha’s ‘Insha Ji Utho Ab Kooch Karo’ by Amanat Ali Khan became hit for PTV because of the light treatment imparted to the latter ghazals rendered by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. It was Geet-style composition and use of adequate range of singer’s voices. This tune was later used in Khalil Ahmad film also, the as Noor Jehan’s “Qadmon mein terey jeena marna”.
Master Abdullah and Noor Jehan: I have written in my book Melody makers, ‘The song that was full of sadness by Nurjehan that captivated me for years were composed by music composer Master Abdullah. This song was ‘Sajna Raah Tera Tak Tak Haarian Dil Dei Mein Boohey Kholey Nainan Diyan Baarian’. The movie was ‘Jat Mirza’. Nurjehan has stated in one of her interviews that it was also one of her favourite songs. The ‘Dohra’ before the main song ‘Hunda Raat Da Jaagna Buhut Mushkil/ Yan Koi Jagda Pehredaar Raatie/ Yan Koi Jagda Ishq Di Taar Wala/ Yan Koi Jagda Dukhya Beemaar Raatein’ sets the pathos-tempo. I love this song. Actress Anjuman pictured this song that was well directed by the director as she roams and cries in the village in the middle of night with buffaloes in the backdrop. Master Abdullah used such musical notes in this song that it hit one’s heart straight away. For example another song ‘Wakh Terey Kolon Na Rehwan Sajna’ by Nurjahen also vouches for this fact. Master Abdullah was an outstanding composer. His tunes oozed pathos. They were melodious as well. He remained underrated and underestimated composer. Despite that, Master Saheb is remembered for his melodious songs. Master Adullah’s composed songs were a commercial success as well.  All the songs of ‘Jat Mirza’ were immortal. It is stated that master Abdullah kept all the tunes of the songs close to the original Mirza Saheban folk tune for this movie. In the song ‘Poori Hui’ by Master Abdullah, actress Anjuman excelled in her performance on this outstanding song. Master Abdullah needs to be complemented for making this song lively. Outstanding impact is created by Sarangi and Tabla beat in the beginning of the song ‘Kahnoo Dairan Laaiyan’. The ‘hook’ (cry) created on the words ‘Jatta Oei’ snatches one’s heart from one’s body. It is a fantastic masterpiece by Master Abdullah. The intervening Shehnai interludes enhance this impact. In this song Nurjehan remained at her very best. Tune changes in the second ‘Antara’ enhance the impact of the melancholy. Such is the work of a master indeed. Due to such compositions, Abdullah lives up to his title ‘Master’.  Earlier, Master Abdullah had shot into fame through his song ‘Mahi Wei Saanu Bhul Na Javeen’ sung by Nurjehan and pictured on the then-petit Firdaus for the movie ‘Malangi’. It was a hit movie of 1965 because of its enduring songs and popularity of Firdaus-Akmal pair released on December 14 that year. I saw it in Capitol Cinema Lahore. Akmal died young on 11th June 1967. The film ‘Malangi’ was a landmark in Master Abdullah’s life as he was not given a title Master then. My all time favourite of course is Nurjehan’s Urdu song ‘Yeh Jeena Kaya Jeena’ for the Rasheed Akhtar’s 1964 movie ‘Wah Bhai Wah’. This song was pictured on actress Laila. Master debut song with Madam Noor Jehan however was in the form of a duet ‘Dil Hei Tumhara Diwana’ with Nazeer Begum for this movie. Another song very much liked by Madam Nurjehan in the same movie was ‘Dil Gaya Tum Nei Liya Hum Kaya Karain/Janey Waali Cheez Ka Gham Kaya Karein’. She rendered it in her PTV’s programme ‘Taranum’ also. What mesmerized me was the movie ‘Laado’ with Neelo’s enchanting acting and Master Abdullah’s songs. Neelo’s natural acting surpassed in a village backdrop pictured around a well and below a tree on Nurjehan’s song ‘Shiker Dopeher Pipli Dei Thaley Main Chankaniyan Wangaan’. This movie was released on August 26, 1966 and was directed by Sharif Nayyar. The producer was Safdar Masud and the lyrics were written by Hazin Qadri, Manzoor Jhalla and Mohan Singh Mahi. The support cast comprised Allauddin, Yasmin, Ragni, Rangila, Ilyas Kashmiri and Mazhar Shah. As per my humble assessment the best song was ‘Dang Pyar Da Seeney Tei Kha Ke’ by Nurjehan well pictured in a sad sequence by Neelo again. Neelo gave dazzling performance in the Dhamal song ‘Sain Singhan Wala’. The images of those artists and pioneers still live in our hearts. His fans will always cherish the memory of Master Abdullah. Another song ‘Mein Ballay Ballay Haseya Di Pand Kuriye’ a duet by Nurjehan and Nazeer Begum need mentioning.
Noor Jehan’s song ‘Terey Naal Naal Mein Wey Rehna’ was a very rhythmic song pictured on lovely Zamurad wherein she tries to lure Yousuf Khan, her better half who is accustomed to visit brother houses.


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