Levi’s & Walnut Studios’ Music Latte 2014 release ‘Caveman Mashup’

If you have been following the Levi’s & Walnut Studios’ Music Latte 2014 releases online, chances are that as a result, you have been a witness to some of the best live performances by our local musicians. The project supported by Levi’s was commenced last year with the idea of presenting music in its truest form — raw, live and unmixed. Owing to the immense popularity Music Latte received last year, this year the show has an interesting line up of musicians who have experimented with their performances.
QB and upcoming singer Faizaan inaugurated the second season of ‘Music Latte’. Popular boy band SYMT was up the following week along with new singer Mujeeb Mustafa. Ever since the line-up for this season was announced, the audiences have been keenly waiting to watch Char Paee’s performance. The garage band, which started off in 2011, was an instant hit amongst the youth. Their use of everyday things as instruments was a refreshing and welcomed change, creating mind-blowing rhythm. 
In the third episode of Music Latte now released online, Char Paee has performed the “Caveman Mashup”, which features Adele’s “Rolling in the deep” and Punjabi MC’s “Mundiyaan to bach k raheen” mixed with some of their own beats. The mash up is high on energy and Char Paee’s experiment works big time, keeping listeners and viewers hooked right till the very end of the song. You can watch the performance at www.facebook.com/walnutstudios
Regarding the mashup, Raja Nabeel of Chaar Payee said, “I think platforms like ‘Music Latte’ are the future of Pakistani music in terms of adapting to global multimedia evolution. It’s great to know that while a regular concert is attended by a few hundreds, maybe thousands of people, we were watched in places like Norway, Brazil and Scotland via live stream courtesy of ‘Music Latte’.”
As the format of the show suggests, live is quite literally live! Eliminating all electronically engineered aspects of the music leaves you with a raw, soulful sound, as has been demonstrated across all performances. In studio-recorded music today, vocals are often meddled with, leaving very little chance for the artist’s actual voice to come through. And in live performances, instruments often drown out the vocals. So hearing first hand performances through ‘Music Latte’ is rather refreshing for audiences.
Radio 1 FM 91 is the exclusive radio partner for Levi’s & Walnut Studios’ Music Latte 2014.

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