Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part X

The other notable song of this film was “Mere mehboob tujhe yaad karun ya na karun” crooned by Noor Jehan. In 1968, A Hameed’s two films ‘Behan Bhai’ and ‘Sharik-e-Hayat’ were released. ‘Shareek-e-Hayaat’ had popular songs like “Tere liye o jaan-e-jaan” by Noor Jehan. Film ‘Dosti’ when released in 1971 created ripples and was a super hit. Produced by Ejaz Durrani, ‘Dosti’’s mega hit songs extol the virtues of A Hameed’s top rated compositions. It was the second Diamond Jubilee film for Pakistan, shot in England; Noor Jehan sung mega hit songs in this film which were “Chithi zara sayyan ji ke naam”, “Ye waadyaan ye parbaton”, “Bas gaya tu sotanya ke duwar sajna” and “Sajna bhool na jaana mera pyaar”; all unforgettable melodies.
The other notable songs composed by A Hameed for Noor Jehan were ‘Gharnata’s (1971) “Kis naam se pukarun”, “Kya naam hei tumhara”, “Zulm rahe aur amn bhi ho” for ‘Yeh Amman’ (1971); “O saajna o baalma” for ‘Nadya Ke Paar’ (1973), “Kis munh se tera naam loon” for ‘Samaaj’ (1974); “Zindigi ja chhor de peechha mera” (Noor Jehan/Mehdi Hassan) for film ‘Jawab Do’ (1974), “Ik naey mor per zindagi aa gai” (Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan) for film ‘Dil Ke Dagh’ (1978) and “De rahi hai maza berukhi aap ki” for the film ‘Naya Andaz’ (1979).
Music composer Akhtar Hussain Akhian and Noor Jehan: Akhtar Hussain Akhian who composed music for Pakistan television and Radio Pakistan had initially ventured into the Pakistani film industry. His first movie was ‘Paatey Khan’. It was a super hit mainly because of the songs sung and acted by Melody Queen Noor Jehan. Songs like “Hokkey mein dainwan gali gali” and “Kali kali jaan dukh lakh” became street songs. Both of these songs had a ‘hook’ (wail) in them; the former rendered on Noor Jehan herself when she looks for her beloved in the streets.
Music composer Feroze Nizami and Noor Jehan: In my book Melody Makers of the subcontinent, I have written that music maestro Feroze Nizami was introduced to the world of music in the subcontinent through his music compositions for the famous director Shaukat Hussain Rizvi’s film ‘Jugnoo’ in 1947 (though it was not Feroze Nizami’s first film). This film was a great success for Noor Jehan, Dilip Kumar, the lead pair and of course for Feroze Nizami as well. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the success of the film lied in its music. This film was released after Pakistan came into being and Noor Jehan migrated to Pakistan with her husband Shaukat Hussain Rizvi. Muhammad Rafi and Noor Jehan’s duet “Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai kei siwa” picturised on Dilip Kumar and Noor Jehan remains imprinted in the minds of music lovers, despite 67 years having passed since it was composed. It is a highly effective composition, full of pain and pathos, an effect that is generally produced by the sound of flute creating ripples in the waves. However I fell in love with Faiz’s lyrics “Aaj ki raat saaz-e-dil-e-pur dard na chair”, as reiterated elsewhere. At the time of release of this film, the powerful lyrics and brilliant music kept thousands of music lovers and critics glued to their seats while watching this film. The other hit songs of this film were “Tum bhi bhula do”, “Umangein dil ki machlien” both by Noor Jehan and penned by Saghar Sarhadi. The most melodiously song with pathos however was “Hamein to sham-e-gham” again by Noor Jehan.
Feroze Nizami had enormous capacity for giving variety and range in his music compositions; classical based and semi-classical ones as well as thumri based and those influenced by the Western music. He added the variety depending upon the requirements of the situation of the song in the movie. I shall just quote two examples here, one, “Chan deya toteya” by Noor Jehan for the movie ‘Chan Wey’ and the other, again by Noor Jehan “Kall nahin paoon mein” for the 1960s movie ‘Manzil’ penned by Mushir Kazmi, the former thumri based, and the latter, with the use of Western instruments though on a sad note. It was in 1951 that Noor Jehan, now in Pakistan, decided to produce, act and sing for her movie ‘Chan Wey’. A good movie was expected from Shah Noor Productions. The song “Chan deya toteya” established Noor Jehan’s mastery in rendering sharp zamazams. The other songs “Terey long da lashkara”, “Jadu koi pa gaya”, “Terey mukhrey tey kala kala til” (Feroze Nizami’s musical work is the essence of the creative spirit and vital force of the human heart) and “Changa banayai sanu khidona” were also evergreen hits. Songwriter, Ustad Daman wrote the tragic lyrics of ‘Chan Way’. Noor Jehan also acted and sang for the movie ‘Dopatta’ in 1952. Her natural choice of music director was Feroze Nizami.


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