Sindh Fashion fest open to all and not just the elite: Shehryar Taseer

* Fashion showcase of Karachi’s finest designers to be held on Feb 12-13 as part of Sindh Festival
Sindh Fashion fest open to all and not just the elite: Shehryar Taseer

Businessman Shehryar Taseer, who conceived the idea of a fashion show to be held as part of the ongoing festivities of the Sindh Festival, is both optimistic and excited about the implementation. “For the first time a fashion show could be open to all and not just be confined to the elite,” he said while talking to Daily Times. 
“One of the main reasons why the Sindh Festival was triggered was so that every single person could avail and enjoy the same festivities that the elite indulge in; something to call theirs and take pride in. We have an art festival, a Sufi night, a Basant fest, so why not a fashion show too?” he further maintained. “The logo of the Sindh Festival was created for the purpose of disseminating a childlike atmosphere in the form of Superman’s initial. From children to the youth, the middle-aged to the elderly, the Sindh Festival as well as the fashion fest, is open to everybody. We aim to create a communion of harmony, joy, glitz and glamour through the fashion festival, which will begin on February 12. This two-day event is packed with back-to-back fashion showcases of some of Karachi’s best designers and the preparations are in full swing. Following that, we have a fashion museum display, which will feature interesting works by various designers and fashion photographers. So we’re all excited and proud to be a part of such an enjoyable, approachable and noble project that we are bringing to the common people.”
Taseer further affirmed his enthusiasm and determination by saying, “On Sunday (today), we have a Fashion Supports Conservation event as part of the Sindh Fashion festival, taking place at the Mohatta Palace between 11am to 6pm. This event promotes Pakistani fashion industry and allows, for all items to be available at rock-bottom prices for all. All proceeds of this event will go towards the Sindh Heritage Fund to promote conservation. So I request all to be a part of it.”
Over 150 top fashion designers, jewellery designers, artists, bakers have all contributed to put the Conservation charity event together by donating their items. 
Designer line-up for the Sindh Fashion Festival is Bunto Kazmi, Amir Adnan, Fnk Asia, Zaheer Abbas, Nauman Arfeen and Umar Sayeed on Day 1. Faiza Samee, Muneeb Nawaz, Nomi Ansari, Sonya Battla, Farnaz Mustafa, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi and Sana Safinaz on Day 2. 
Pakistan People’s Party Patron-in-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Taseer both are expected to show-stop for Amir Adnan.

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