Maracas Bay is the world’s perfect beach

Crescent-curved bay, swaying palms, white sand and gentle waves, if there were such thing as a perfect beach, Maracas Bay would be it.
The natural bay is nestled about 30 minutes from the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, an island nation off the coast of Venezuela. The beach’s tall, towering palm trees – set against dramatic rainforest cliffs – make this Trinidad’s most popular strip of sand. The waves are prime for paddling, but diving, surfing and hiking are right at your fingertips, too, Huffington Post reports. 
For the truly adventurous, there’s also one of the world’s most famous sandwich shops: ‘Richard’s Bake and Shark’. The beachside hut serves up Bake and Shark, a regional dish with a cult following made from deep-fried shark stuffed into fried dough.

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