Facial expressions showing frustration and determination ‘are subconscious calls for help’

Facial expressions showing frustration and determination may only be used by humans, according to a new study.
Researchers found that people display the expressions on their faces as subconscious calls for help. In contrast, primates such as chimpanzees do not show signs of frustration or determination. Scientists from the University of Plymouth studied the faces of children and chimpanzees as they completed a series of unsolvable tasks. They found that the youngsters showed frustration or determination on their faces as they struggled with the challenges. They could be seen raising their chins and pressing their lips together in concentration. Meanwhile, the chimpanzees did not show signs of effort - despite failing to complete the tasks. 
Researchers believe that humans might use the expressions as a way of calling for help from others. Dr Bridget Waller, from the University of Portsmouth said: ‘By producing expressions which tell others they are frustrated and not able to complete the task, humans might be stimulating empathy in others in order to receive support. 

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