Melody Queen Noor Jehan — Part VI

It took him long to get the burnt Shori Studio allotted. He put all his finances for its renovation; building walls, partitions, floors, imported machinery etc. Once ready, Agha GA Gul, Sibtain Fazli, WZ Ahmad and Anwar Kamal Pasha started shooting for their films here. He returned ‘Sheesh Mahal’ to the government. Had he retained it, it would have earned him millions later. Rizvi too announced four movies, the first one being ‘Nagina’ with story by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj with music by Feroze Nizami. Since Nazir’s ‘Larey’ and ‘Phaire’ had done colossal business, friends advised him to produce Punjabi movie instead. Rizvi did not desire to be labeled with a Punjabi movie to his credit, so a movie ‘Chan Vey’ was started in 1951 with Nurjehan as director. The moment its songs were recorded, the movie was sold in all provinces. Music by Feroze Nizami was hit. The song ‘Chan Deya Toteya’ established Nurjehan’s mastery in rendering sharp Zamazams. Even today any female singer, if would copy this song successfully, is rated very high in her talent. Nobody however has been able to accomplish that mastery of Feroze Nizami-Nurjehan team yet. The other songs ‘Terey Long Da Lashkara, Jadu Koi Pa Gaya, Terey Mukhrey Tey Kala Kala Til Wey (Feroze Nizami’s musical work is the essence of the creative spirit, and vital force of the human heart) and Changa Banayai Sanu Khidona’ were also evergreen hits. Songwriter, Ustad Daman wrote the tragic lyrics of ‘Chan Way.’ Theatrical release was in Jubilee cinema, Karachi and Regent cinema, Lahore. It seems that Feroze Nizami’s music and Noor Jehan’s voice were made for each other.
Himalyawala started two movies ‘Rupya’ and ‘Rait Mahal’ on the finances of his brother, owner of Asman Drug House, but disagreement with Nurjehan did not allow these movies to see light of the day. Fazli Saheb’s movie ‘Dopatta’ however was a colossal hit. I have observed in my book ‘Melody Makers’ ‘this movie got acclaim in the subcontinent and the reason was its music. This Sibtain Fazli’s theatrical release was in Eroze Cinema, Karachi. Nurjehan and Ajay Kumar played the lead roles, while Sudhir was smartly dubbed as a loving, devoted doctor. All the songs such as ‘Baat Hi Baat Mein Ji Chandni Raat Mein’, ‘Main Ban Patang Urh Jaon Re’, ‘Chandni Raaten, Sab Jag Soye Hum Jagein Taron Sei Karein Baatein’, ‘Tum Zindgi Ko Gham Ka Fasana Bana Gaey’, ‘Mere Mann Ke Raja Aja Suratiya Dikha Ja’, ‘Jigar Ki Aag Se Is Dil Ko Jalta Dekhte Jao’ and ‘Sanwaria Tohe Koi Pukare’ were super hits especially ‘Chandani Raatein’. All the Pakistani female singers in the making even today sing this song at PTV and Stage to prove their worth. Feroze Nizami combined his unique style while composing songs. Especially his music for this romantic number of ‘Dopatta’, ‘Mein Bun Patang Ur Jaaoon Gee’ can be quoted to support this observation’. These songs are still fresh in music lovers’ memories since last six decades. It was a Muslim social love story and Santosh Kumar and Ajay Kumar played the same roles that were played by Santosh Kumar and Jehangir Khan. Poets were Mushir Kazmi and Arsh Lakhnuvi. Both movies were released in India too and were a success there too.
At this crucial juncture, Nurjehan and Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi were engaged in crucial clashes. Despite this trouble, Nurjehan was seen crying during a song’s recording. Music was by Mian Sheheryar. On a small issue both became victim of ego and Sheheryar was removed from this movie. He swore to have another Nurjehan in the making and that he did for his movie ‘Begunah’ when Nasim Begum sang ‘Naino Main Jal Bhar Aaei Murakh Mun Tarpaye’, an ever green song even today. Many discovered closeness to Nurjehan in Nasim Begum’s voice. A week later Nurjehan’s movie ‘Lakht-e-Jiger’ was released but despite beautiful songs such as ‘Chanda Ki Nagari Sei Aa Jaa’ it couldn’t do good business. Though Music composer Baba Chishti’s Urdu movie ‘Lakht-e-Jiger’ was a musical hit but he was mostly used for Punjabi films. A lullaby ‘Chanda Ki Nagri Sei Aa Ja’ became an instant hit sung by Nurjehan. This movie was produced by G. A. Gul and directed by Luqman. Lyrics were shared by Mushir Qazmi and Nazim Panipati. Another popular song by Nurjehan was ‘Aa Haal Dekh Lei Mera’. Its music was given by Rehman Verma but Baba Ji’s famous song ‘Wo Khwaab Suhana Toot Gaya’ by Madam remains alive even today. The other three songs by Madam are ‘Aaj Hum Beaasron Ka’, ‘Aahen Tarap Rahi Hai’ and ‘Chanda Re Chanda’ and ‘Rakh Sada Anjaan Par’ a duet by Nurjehan and Salim Raza. Munawar Sultana rendered a solo ‘Aankh Sei Aankh Mila Lei’ for this movie also. 
From 1953 to 1954, Noor Jehan and Rizvi were divorced due to personal differences.


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