Your romantic forecast for love in 2014

Your romantic forecast for love in 2014

Planets play fast and furious with romance this year. Jupiter, the ruler of adventure and luck, leaps through Pisces and takes a peek into Aries, mixing water and fire with love and passion. That makes steam, people. Saturn enters relationship-conscious Libra, so the entire planet will be working on love — the real thing. Step up your dating game so you can make the most of the plentiful love opportunities in 2014. It could be your year, Yahoo News reports.

Aries: Romantic surprises ahead!

Planets play a game with romantic surprises as Jupiter ducks in and out of your sign. Don’t let little setbacks throw you off track. You love a good challenge and it’s all part of finding The One. Learning is key, so improve your dating IQ. 

Taurus: Let your love life blossom

Romance is in the air, so take a deep breath and get out there. Dating is all about walks, concerts and romantic dinners, ie, getting to know someone slowly. You will learn that totally random encounters and experiences are far more entertaining than reality TV. 

Gemini: Connect by following your flirting instincts year-round

Jupiter’s swing through the universe brings you lots of new people, new ideas and fresh flirtations. Join or start groups with whom you can share your wit and wisdom. Love prospects are bountiful and sharing a common focus will help steady you. Of course, your head will turn a few times (let’s get real here!), but you’ll find your true north in one unexpected glimpse. 

Cancer: Saddle up for a giddy romantic ride

Jupiter gallops through your adventurous star sectors and you are about to pioneer your way through new romantic territory. Home is not where your heart is. New frontiers of love abound. Put yourself out there and date like a cowboy. Few words, deliberate movements, searing glances — just go with it. 

Leo: Explore new beginnings, then pick the partner who values you most

Happily, your romantic life has hit the reset button and no one can do this better than you. Take a new photo: go full-on regal and rewrite your online dating profile to reflect your true value. Embrace the future. 

Virgo: Enjoy a more playful approach to dating

You might think you’re ready for more work and lessons in both life and love, but the planets are firmly sending you out to party. Date around! Seriously — let go and take risks. You’ve worked so hard over the last few years; now it’s time to remember how to enjoy yourself. 

Libra: Clarity and depth bring a more meaningful love life your way

Saturn enters your sign this year, which is the equivalent of the school bell ringing to announce that recess is over. It’s time to get your love life together. If you don’t know what you want, you will soon enough, because living on the surface is no longer any fun. There is no substitute for substance. Dating is meaningful. 

Scorpio: This is your year to luck into a long-term relationship

Planetary moves enhance your chances of getting love right — at least, sometime after having a great deal of fun first. Let your natural intensity act as a quiet lightning rod for love. 

Sagittarius: Give up the pursuit and let others draw you in for once

You feel the romantic winds changing, but it’s not under your control. Your natural charisma always attracts a lot of attention but you’re tired of doing what’s easy. For once, you’d like to be kept on your toes. Get ready for a challenge. It’s impossible for you to settle for second best and you know you love having to earn it. 

Capricorn: Intriguing dates leave your head spinning, so try to focus on what you really want

Ever-evolving, nonstop propulsion is a way of life for you, but romantic prospects in 2014 are a mix of hurry-up-and-date and slow-up-to-settle-down feelings — inevitably landing you squarely in the middle of some dating dilemmas. 

Aquarius: Take romance to exuberant new heights this year

After a year of opportunity, bounty, magic and lightning-bolt attractions, you are now really the person you always wanted to be. Dating is easy and intuitive for you. You know just when you’re ripe to go out looking for love and you have an uncanny way of meeting the right people. Forget worrying about what could have been — you’re all about today. 

Pisces: Your animal magnetism will keep you buoyant on love year-round

This year is just way better than you thought would ever be possible. Your daydreams will pale in comparison to reality. Your magnetism is strongest of all the signs in the zodiac and your ability to connect and explore romance has never been better.

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