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Saima's eyes are glued to the screen as she plays on her X-box. Ali is figuring out how to complete his 70th level of Candy Crush, while Anum watches her favourite Cartoon Network shows. The interesting question is what do these kids have in common? They are all utilising their leisure time indoors! A very common scenario taking place at every household in Pakistan.
If you recall your own childhood, more than 90 percent chances are that the first picture that will come to your mind will have outdoor places and activities. The sweet memories of your childhood may include bicycling with a friend, climbing a tree to grab a fruit or playing cricket on the streets. Whereas, children nowadays spend most of their leisure time fixated on their laptop screens, watching television, or actively and devotedly playing video games. Many triggering factors are involved in the formation of this distressing trend. 
Security and protection are the biggest concerns for parents in Pakistan nowadays. With an increasing ratio of terrorist activities and crime rates, many parents hesitate in allowing their children the liberty and freedom to enjoy playing outdoors. According to a research, 3,898 people including women and children have died in seven months and over 1,300 are missing since the last four years. A Karachi-based NGO named Madadgar reported that 136 children have been reported missing in Pakistan during the last six months, with more than 14 killed and 24 injured due to violent terrorist activities, while many go unreported. This does create a cause for concern to parents, who wish to protect their children at all times.
An American research conducted by NEEF's Children and Nature Initiative states, "Our children may be the first generation at risk of having a shorter lifespan than their parents. Sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity have contributed greatly to the numerous health problems plaguing today's children." 
However, these facts cannot eliminate the importance of outdoor activities for children to develop their physical skills and stamina building. We need to see safer places for children and parents to have fun and FunCity nestled in the Centaurus Mall, Islamabad provides one with just that. 
It is an indoor recreational family theme park with an outdoor feel. It has exciting rides and motion-responsive gaming, a Laser Maze, simulators and redemption gaming, which are not only popular amongst kids but adults as well. Further they have bumper cars and even yoga for children, where kids can enjoy whilst their parents roam around the Mall or sit around for a coffee at Mrs. Mayor's Cafe. 
Playing arcade games and rides like dodging cars helps enhance vigilance amongst children. 
Laser Maze and redemption games like arm wrestling, basketball and speed of light greatly help children in burning their calories and keeping them fit and healthy and in turn preventing obesity and building up a strong immune system to help fight different diseases. With an increasing risk of contracting various diseases and developing myriads of illnesses starting from a very early age, parents must pay attention and thought in discovering ways to avoid such health issues and provide their children with healthier lives and expose them towards more outdoorsy activities. FunCity has all the security provided by indoor activities and the fun of outdoors packed together!
"There is nothing more important than the safety of children and young adults at FunCity, along with a great and wholesome family environment that we take stringent steps to create and enforce. All our staff undergoes international training supported by our global partners in game safety and operations of the facility, along with specific modules of communication techniques, learning and physical development supported by our inhouse education and fitness consultants. Our attractions and games are imported from Europe from partners that include the top five in amusement and technology development globally. They all pass stringent safety tests and are accredited with European safety certifications. This is a testament of the strong ethos of our parent company 101 Group, Safety, Trust and Care with our customers above all," FunCity Pakistan Brand & Marketing Director Turab Randhawa said. 

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