Prince William wants to put Kate Middleton’s portrait up in his room

In 2012, Kate Middleton was presented with an official portrait by Paul Emsley, which was not exactly unanimously embraced. One such critic, Tom Sutton-Smith, himself an artist in Scotland, was told by many of his friends that he could out-portrait Emsley. "When the official portrait went up, everyone who knows Tom said, 'You can do better than that'. So that was the challenge," Glenys Andrews, Perthshire Open Studios chair and Sutton-Smith's colleague, said, Huffington Post reports.
And Sutton-Smith took the challenge, creating his own portrait of Middleton from a picture of her taken shortly after Emsley's portrait was released. His goal was to capture Middleton's "youthful spirit" because he felt she looked "serious" in Emsley's and "in all the photos one sees of her, she is smiling and laughing." Middelton is "kind of sparkly and I was trying to convey that in the eyes and mouth. Those are the hard bits to get right", Sutton-Smith said.

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