Best free 5-star apps!

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1. Snapchat: The appeal of Snapchat is simple; take a picture, add a message, send it to your friends and then once they’ve taken a look, it vanishes. The ability to cover a selfie in all kinds of doodles and captions and send it out knowing that it will be gone in a matter of seconds, is the reason millions of teens have adopted Snapchat as their first choice for communication.


2. Seene: There are plenty of image-sharing apps around, but Seene offers a unique angle – literally – on mobile photography. Using just the standard camera on your iPhone (4S or later), this clever software can capture 3D photos, known as ‘seenes’, that can be looked around by tilting your device to see the various angles. Viewing one of these images for the first time is quite startling as there’s a real wow factor and yet the 3D capture process is remarkably simple.


3. Duolingo: Languages can be tricky things, yet at the same time they are something that most of us wish we were better at, it’s a frustrating combination that often leads to impatience and ultimately giving up on trying to broaden your lingual horizons. Duolingo is trying its best to make this thought process a thing of the past – an already successful web program it has now found it’s way onto the App Store and Google Play.


4. Vyclone: Stand in the crowd of any major music gig, sporting event or theatrical performance and you’ll no doubt bear witness to a sea of smart phones recording everything that’s going on in front of you. Vyclone is designed to take advantage of this exact situation, by relying on the power of the crowd to record the same event from different angles and splicing the whole thing together into one beautiful, multi-angle movie. It sounds confusing, but the reality is completely different.


5. Timehop: Every now and then, you get a feeling of ‘what was I doing this time last year?’ With Timehop, you become a kind of Doc Brown, traveling back in time to see exactly what you were up to. It works by hooking into your social media accounts, gaining access to photos and updates on Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Flickr, and your device’s camera roll.

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