Are these the world’s worst waxworks?

This waxwork museum in China offers people the chance to get closer to their idols, but any fans visiting the exhibition may struggle to recognise who they’re looking at, Daily Mail reports.
The collection in Guangzhou claims to be China’s answer to Madam Tussauds, but may leave visitors feeling a bit baffled, and more than a little creeped out.
The museum boasts models of Lady Gaga, who looks like she may be having problems with her slightly bendy arms, alongside a distinctly Asian-looking Steve Jobs. A very surprised Rowan Atkinson also appears wearing his Mr Bean attire, while another British actor to make the collection is Daniel Radcliffe, in full Harry Potter robes. Audrey Hepburn also takes a star turn in the collection, complete with the little black dress and gloves she wore in ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, though looking slightly less-than glamorous with a slanted tiara and join-line where her head meets her torso.
Another figurine looks vaguely like Leonardo Di Caprio, with his signature swept-back hair and goatee.
Aside from celebrities, world leaders Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are also on show.
While the former appears relaxed, with his arms sort-of crossed, the latter wears a mildly-confused expression, appears to be pouring sweat and has a thinning hairline.
Both political heavyweights also appear to have developed a slightly cross-eyed stare. Completing the collection is an ‘80s-inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up in a terminator-style leather jacket, though his frizzy locks are pretty unconvincing. The Guangzhou waxworks will thankfully be open free of charge throughout May. 

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