Snake eats crocodile in Australia

A huge snake has won a life and death battle against a crocodile in Australia, swallowing the animal whole after a lengthy struggle before amazed onlookers.
Travis Corlis, who watched the fight at Queensland’s Lake Moondarra, near the mining town of Mount Isa, on Sunday, said the snake, thought to be a python, was about 10 feet (three metres) long and “healthy looking”.
The crocodile, which the snake coiled itself around, was about three feet in length, he said.
“They had quite the struggle in the water,” he told reporters. “It was an ongoing battle. We were just standing there in amazement watching it.”
Corlis said several hours after he first saw the encounter, he noticed the snake had pulled the crocodile onto the banks of the lake and released its prey, which by this stage was dead.
“About 10 minutes later the crocodile was gone,” he said, referring to the creature being eaten.
His wife Tiffany described the battle as “just unbelievable”.
“We were sort of thinking that the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

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