Eat, pray, love, repeat!

In Ramazan, the month of joy and blessings, most of us had a very predictable routine. The month brought soulfulness and a sense of religious responsibility. Even the most slacking of people were seen offering their prayers, attending religious seminars and gatherings and being optimistic and joyful.
This year’s Ramazan started off with some really tough weather; the heat was unbearable and the load shedding was a stale cherry on top, but as the Monsoon season came close, our fasts started to get easier on us and even more enjoyable. Even the electricity cuts were lessened since the change of weather. People on the streets appeared happier and welcoming. There was a time at the start when even the shopkeepers got fed up of the customers and they closed down their businesses instead of dealing with the irritable and irritating women and children in the markets.
While most people got the festivities of the month right, there were however some things we got wrong in Ramazan.
Every household’s problem in Ramazan was over-eating at Iftari; it’s understandable though, because we starved ourselves for long hours and then once we saw food, we just jumped right in. But with Ramazan already gone now, we should really think twice about what we devour, because post Eid, we do not want to end up being bigger than our clothes; we can finally work out now!
Pakoray, samosey, jalebis, sweet sherbets and a lot of other fried foods, made up of our precious Iftari almost every day. Ever thought of how unhealthy this was? Yes, you can have these every now and then but having them regularly was not the best option. The same goes for Sehri, where people preferred parathas and heavy leftover food from the previous night. Considering, you slept within an hour after having your Sehri, you should’ve tried to keep the oil and fats to a minimum, unless you wanted stomach aches and digestion issues. 
A smart choice for Iftari would’ve been to have a wholesome amount of water, some fruit and in the end, maybe something fried. Having the first two things first made you feel full and hence stopped you from having excessive unhealthy foods. 
As much as eating healthy in Ramazan was a smart thing to do, no one stopped you from letting lose every now and then and just eating your heart out, because what’s Ramazan without a royal Iftar or Sehri, preferably a dine out with your friends or family. The best place to really enjoy the goodness of Ramazan could’ve been Veranda Bistro with their Iftari buffet offering some really healthy choices and some immensely delicious dishes, such as their Caesar Salad, Greek style feta salad, pear blue cheese salad, grilled fish laksa sauce, penne pasta chicken mushroom sauce, roast baby chicken, Tom yum chicken, Thai chilli steak, a wide range of desserts and drinks and much, more. 
The Sehri at Veranda wasn’t far behind either, consisting waldorf salad, bean salad, pasta salad, oven baked artichoke chicken, grilled chicken Moroccan sauce, Thai seafood garlic chilli sauce, mushroom cheese omelettes and vegetable cheese sandwiches and a lot more, plus desserts ranging from their tiramisu Italia to the royal fudge cake. So this Ramazan, when we could’ve ate, prayed, loved and repeated it, we could do all this now too as all these delicious delicacies await us right here at Veranda! 

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