BNU’s 1st batch of Fashion Design department display theses

* Students display pret collection as part of their thesis presentation at the university’s Tarogil Campus from May 29 to June 1

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) held its Annual Degree Show of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) from May 29 to June 1. The four-day degree show featured theses works of 53 young artists, in the fields of Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design and Jewellery and Accessory Design. This was the seventh batch of undergraduate students graduating from SVAD, as BNU moves into the second decade of its dynamic existence. 
“The thesis exhibition is the proverbial grand finale in any art and design school,” SVAD Dean Salima Hashmi said. This year’s thesis display from the Fashion Design department showcased the work of BNU’s first batch of Fashion Design students. 
A large number of fashion design students and teachers from other schools, textile and fashion designers, fashionistas and professionals visited the four-day exhibition, which concluded on Sunday. The fashion faculty members comprised of Professor Iram, Professor Pakeeza Khan and renowned designers Kamiar Rokni and Fahad Hussayn.
“Everyone has put in their best and have been quite imaginative and inspired with their approach. Our fashion faculty members have been very supportive and helpful in every regard and I can’t thank them enough,” graduating student Zafrayab Farooq said while talking exclusively to Daily Times. Farooq had also presented his pret collection titled ‘Beyond the Red Border of Time’, amongst the works of others.
A collection, based entirely in red with gold embellishments over some, was capsule, to the point and very concise. However, that surely does not rule out the amount of hard work and intellect put in Farooq’s collection, which also spoke volumes of the young aspiring designer’s aesthetic and fashion acumen. Staying true to the chosen theme, Farooq had played with the boldest colour of nature and surely had done justice to it indeed. It was surprising to see a fresh graduate, pulling off a pret collection at par with the works of many established ones, and I could already envision Farooq showcasing amongst applause in the country’s leading pret wear shows. 
“I think we as freshies, owe most of our final work to the faculty members who gave us complete freedom in choosing whever theme we wanted. My inspiration is derived from the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali’s works. I aimed to express the feeling of entrapment as depicted in one of his paintings. As fashion statement pieces, my collection may seem to be chic, classic and bold but in truth, it is my notion of beauty stuck in time. It’s partly inspired by the 1930s fashion where narrow and high-waisted pants were in vogue. I’ve used flowy cuts to complement straight and narrow hemlines,” Farooq explains.
The rest of the fashion theses were inspired by bleached corals and underwater coral life, the car Audi and their home’s architecture. All in all, originality and powerful inspiration was splashed all over the collections. An air of innocence and a virgin eye to high fashion had helped these students stay original and play with their creativity, their inspiration being their only mentor.
Farooq, who worked four months on his thesis, in future wants to work with Ali Xeeshan or Khaadi.

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