These scorching months, stay cool, stay energised!

The only respite from the scorching summers that we experience, comes from the intake of chilled beverages and frozen creams. We know this for a fact. And we're generally not concerned, with how the retailers increase the prices of their fizzy drinks and ice cream bars. 
Heat in Pakistan is inversely proportional to skyrocketing prices of sodas, flavored chilled-water, fruits and ice cream. Having said that, the most convenient trigger of the price shoot is the beverage industry. Because in most cases we don't want any hassle all we need is to just pop the lid and gulp the content down! However, with the continuous loadshedding, people hardly get access to those frozen cubes and ice yards, and hence the entire binge soda drinking experience becomes a horrid nightmare altogether. What to do? One would say the summer season isn't that bad after all, if it isn't for the overbearing loadshedding. But since, there's hardly any inexpensive savior around, let's focus on how we can make do with life throwing us lemons! Don't just focus on controlling your mental temper, but also the body temperature in these months! This is all the more important in Ramazan. 
A recent study revealed how weight loss is encouraged when one stays hydrated. Staying hydrated quenches your thirst and helps your body flush out the byproducts of fat and other toxins. Drinking water and chilled drinks keeps your skin moist, supple and elastic-thus lessening your risk of developing dryness and issues like dermatitis, aging skin and infection. Body muscles become stronger too. When you overheat, you sweat. And the evaporation of sweat on your skin is the way the body cools itself down and maintains a healthy temperature. Understandably, drinking enough fluids is essential for sweating and replenishing your water supply. Thorough hydration you improve your blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain, strengthening cognitive function and memory. Your joints, spinal cord, eyes and brain are surrounded and protected by water. Therefore, remaining hydrated is vital to their well being too. So, all these benefits and a lot more requires one to stay vigilant and stuff the fridge with all sorts of healthy juices, shakes and lots of clean drinking water. 
And now with Ramadan, water, fresh juices and all kinds of healthy beverages should be stocked up, so we're hydrated at all times. Let me tell you a great place where you can not only refresh and hydrate in these scorching summers but also enjoy an ice-cool environment to just let your hair down and relax. The place has a delicious Blue & Fruit Margarita, containing a lot of crushed ice. It's chilled to the bone; apt for these summers and tastes like heaven. Any summer is incomplete without a Blue & Fruit Margarita. Having said that, freshly squeezed seasonal juices and a fresh lime drink are by far, summer's essentials. Doctors say, having a lemon a day in any form, helps lose weight and keeps one fit and healthy during the summers. Also, the benefits of fresh fruit juices are too many to elaborate on. And if, this isn't enough, a chilled pina collada drink is a drink for every season - be it summer or winter. For those, who aren't big on eating too much during summers, can easily indulge in a chilled pina collada, which is in it's own way a filling drink and not to mention keeps you hydrated too, as it's made from coconut cream, pineapple and lots of crushed ice. Tempted yet? If you are so let me tell you that all these delicious cold beverages including chilled soft drinks are available at the Veranda Bistro, Lahore. So heading out in this heat? You must have Veranda on your mind!

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