Entourage — for the love of food!

Eating is one of the basic human essentials, which defines the beauty of life. When it comes to food,decor and ambiance Entourage in Islamabad introduces one of the finest Mediterranean cuisine, where one can find him/herself not just indulging in their meals but the beauty of the atmosphere and the structure as well.
Entourage CEO Samama Randhawa, hailing from a real estate background, has brought his brainchild in to Pakistan,where his concept stemmed from the renaissance period of the Mediterranean architecture and art, therefore the menu gives special and authentic Mediterranean delicacies made from fresh ingredients. Dim lights,unique fixtures and lots of impressive seating arrangement, the awesomeness of the place lies in its dining area and the beautiful patio, which stand out, making Entourage one of the most versatile restaurants in the capital.
When we talk about the location, Entourage has hit the hammer right on the butt of the nail! Randhawa took almost two years to build the place; he has a huge stuggle behind bringing the place together. It’s safe to say, it’s the owner’s passion project. 
The spaciousness of the restaurant is the essence of it. The most interesting aspect to the restaurant would be the service; the uniform of the entire staff. They seem to have been trained so professionally and thoroughly, it puts a smile to your face. 
Entourage aims to offer dear meat and rabbit meat in the future, which will be truly hilal and healty. considering the fact. The place is a must-recommend for pleasing the tastebuds and satisfying the hunger pangs. 
Only recently, the restaurant experienced a grand launch ceremony organised and arranged by the creative team behind Verve Event Management, where leading musician Farhan Saeed was roped in to perform at the opening. 
One can easily foresee Entourage taking over the likes of food-lovers in Islamabad and even attracting Lahoris, Karachiites and others to pay a visit. The food items, though cooked and presented lavishly, have been priced vey appropriately.
“For Entourage, it wasn’t only about being inspired by the ornate Mediterranean art but to build something, right here, which was larger than life – for me and for all – to experience the charming entourage and elegance that Islamabad has never seen before,” Randhawa says.
“Entourage promises to bring in a breath of fresh air into Islamabad, with its sassy Mediterannean menu and ambient décor. I do look forward to frequenting this venue,” Arsalan Ahmad Khan of Verve said, while talking exclusively to Daily Times.

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