Threats to democracy

Threats to democracy

Sir: Terrorist attacks on the rallies and meetings of political parties are condemnable. Indeed, it is a new challenge for the democratic process in Pakistan. Democracy is a widely held aspiration amongst the people of Pakistan as most of the time it has remained in the cruel clutches of dictatorship. These terrorist activities are the new shape of old tricks to throw democracy off the track. Democracy requires the free and fair opportunity for everyone to explain their motives behind contesting the elections. The groups associated with these brutal terrorist activities have already caused grave damage to the stability of Pakistan. Neither do they act according to Islam nor are they friends of Pakistan.

If these groups have an agenda they think is good for Pakistan, they are invited to come and have a debate in parliament after contesting the elections. To kill innocent people is not the way of Islam. This is cruelty, which is by no means justifiable. Our religion encourages the option of dialogue to solve even the merest of issues. The history of Islam is full of evidence in which dialogue was given importance over the use of power. Now Pakistan needs a new turn. The hope for a good future is here. If someone, a group or an individual, tries to sabotage the elections, he is in fact going to ruin the future of Pakistan. Our country needs a new dawn and this is only possible when democracy exists. This is a question of survival for Pakistan. It is hoped our nation will come out of this new challenge successfully.