Nandipur Power Project — an epic of courage and determination

Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with precious mineral and natural resources which are innumerable. Although Pakistanis posses multidimensional capabilities in all sectors of life, but, unfortunately, Pakistan has not been able to stand among the ranks of developed nations, despite passage of 65 years. There are multifarious reasons for this sad reality, which include scourge of corruption, ineptitude and mal-administration. Pakistan is facing today many serious challenges, including energy crisis. Without meeting energy needs of the country, the dream of progress and prosperity can never be realized as energy and progress are totally interlinked. Only energy will enable progress to take roots and economy to prosper, in order to meeting the needs of the poor man. Energy needs are directly and indirectly linked with all sectors of life. Since last year, when Muhammad Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister of Pakistan and Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif assumed the charge of Chief Minister Punjab, they have been making all out efforts to end the energy crisis. There is no doubt that energy is the basic need for national progress and prosperity. After Terbella and Mangla, no significant dam has been built for water storage. The present government began its energy related efforts immediately after coming into power and made solution of energy crisis as its top priority. All out efforts are being made to generate electricity through thermal power, hydel power and solar projects in order to eliminate darkness from the country, which will put the country on the road towards progress and prosperity. Twelve-Kilo meters away from Gujranwala, while going to Sialkot, the road passes through Upper Chenab Canal at the location of Nandipur, while on the both sides of the bridge, at Upper Chenab, towering buildings and other construction work is continuing expeditiously. This is Nandipur Power Project which is laudable epic of human courage and undefeatable determination. During the previous government, this most important project was placed at the back burner, while the whole nation was suffering from severe energy crisis. For three years machinery of Nandipur Power Project remained rusting at Karachi Port due to ineptitude of previous rulers. Nandipur Power Project, which was to begin from 2007 and completed in 2011, remained limited only to official files. Due to the blessings of Allah Almighty, and under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Khadim-e-Aala Punjab made the determination to end the energy crisis and work day and night to complete 425 mega watt Nandi Power Project. The required machinery for Nandipur Power Project reached at Nandipur from Karachi Port without any delay, due to courage and determination of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, aimed at defeating the darkness from the country. The world knows full well that had the government of Pakistan Muslim League-N not taken immediate courageous decision to end energy crisis, the whole nation would have been enveloped in darkness of load-shedding and despondency. Now the fruits of sincere efforts made during the last 11-months are coming forth, reflecting true passion to serve the nation, determination, hard work and honesty. If 425 mega watts Nandi Power Project can be completed in a short period of 7 months, then darkness can definitely be defeated. The historic friend of Pakistan, China, stepped forward to express its abiding friendship, while renowned Chinese company Dong Fong Electric Company, along with dedicated team of NESPAK and other officers, accomplished this great task with courage, determination and transparency. The whole nation deserves congratulation that hundred mega watt turbine has now started operating at Nandipur Power Project, within a short period of seven months. In addition to it, electricity would also be generated from Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Project Bahawalpur, Sahiwal Coal Project and Rouyi Masood Textile Power Project at Faisalabad, which will help a great deal in elimination of load-shedding from the country. Another Turbine at Nandipur Power Project would also start operating, after passage of two months, while 625 mega watt electricity would be generated in December 2014 at Nandipur Power Project, which is run on Furnas Oil and another hundred mega watt can also be added in the capacity of the plant by running it on gas. This project would help in reducing load-shedding up to 10 percent in the country. Thus, this combined cycle power project would work in its full capacity after passage of seven years since 2007. It may be mentioned that the nation had to suffer loss of billions of rupees due to three years delay in the completion of Nandipur Power Project. But over 850 Chinese and Pakistani workers have proved beyond doubt that courage, determination and sincerity of leadership, Nandipur Power Project can be accomplished within a short period of just seven months. 
Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif worked day and night to ensure completion of Nandipur Power Project by persuading the Chinese experts to revive it without any delay. As a result of the efforts by the government, now this project has started generating electricity by adding 100 mega watts to the national grid. Before completion of even one year of Pakistan Muslim League-N’s government, the process of accomplishing that great mission of elimination of energy crisis has commenced, which was promised by the leadership of Pakistan Muslim-N. It goes without saying that Nandipur Power Project would always be remembered as an unforgettable epic of human determination, courage, sincerity and committed leadership to ensure progress and prosperity of the nation.

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